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Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018 BD1

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A single mention of the name Astell Collins and a number of appealing adjectives often follow, primarily among members of the young population whose life he has so skilfully touched with his words in recent months.Astell Collins during his recent visit to St. Lucia.Bestowed with the titles of Transformational Leader and Inspirational Speaker,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, among others, the 31-year-old Guyanese through his ‘Be the One (BD1)’ Leadership Development Initiative has travelled the length and breadth of Guyana seeking to create needful changes in the society.His strategic move, which entails him seeking to not only emphasise the importance of God in one’s existence, but also the methods that can be embraced to reverse off-putting trends that have become a norm in the society, has gained tremendous support from those in authority.Among the entities that have been most instrumental in his travels across Guyana are the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the Guyana Defence Force. And there are plans for him to engage shortly the recently appointed Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips who has in the past had a keen interest in his (Collins’) presentations.But as if taking his message throughout the country is not enough,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap, Collins has since been invited to take his leadership message throughout the Caribbean.And a tour has already commenced in this regard. In fact, just recently he concluded a trip to St Lucia where he was required to meet with students across the territory as well as host a men’s seminar.“I was able to cut across the barriers…it wasn’t about dealing with the best or only the worst, but I was able to reach a good cross-section of the people there,NFL Jerseys China,” said Collins during an interview with this publication.A typical leadership session with Collins is characterised by him seeking to vocally reach out to his target audience in a most dramatic and enlightening way. So captivating were his sessions in St Lucia that even students of a school that was known to be “rowdy” were willing to hear him deliver his leadership message,Wholesale Jerseys China, even following the chiming of the bell to signal the end of the period.“That was a school that was phenomenal…they were intrigued by what I had to say and even seemed inspired,” said Collins who noted that the responses from the Head teacher and other teachers in attendance were no less gratifying.“It was very encouraging, very warming, and I received so much love….this was even though I was told that these people do not like Guyanese…It was as if this country embraced me,” recalled Collins.His mission saw him being engaged in no less than three seminars per day during his week-long stay in St Lucia.According to Collins, while it is expected that persons would be opposed to undertakings such as his, it has been incredible to see that persons, at all levels, are not only supportive but willing to absorb his every utterance.“The questions that were asked literally gave me the impression that what I was presenting was understood…” said Collins who emphasised that his principle objective is to help foster change.Since concluding his St Lucia visit, Collins has started a similar journey to neighbouring territory, Suriname. As a part of his Caribbean tour, Collins has plans to travel to Barbados, Trinidad,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Jamaica and Grenada, among other territories.Though he intends to cover some of the cost himself, Collins has received sponsorship thus far from Ansa McAl Trading,Cheap Jerseys China, and there is a possibility that Caribbean Airlines will soon come on board.According to Collins,NFL Jerseys China, who just last year returned from South Africa where he was engaged in his leadership mission, his role is to help empower Guyanese and others in the Caribbean, particularly the youths, to discover their identity.He insisted, “We have to look at where we are in the grand scheme of things…how we become relevant; Can God look at us and feel proud when he looks at us? Can he see himself reflected?”This he hopes to achieve by disseminating what he has learnt over the years from persons the likes of Myles Munroe, his mentor, who continues to render support.
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