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Cheap Jerseys Store Rumours

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:26 pm

Rumours,Wholesale China Jerseys, and more rumours was how the businessman and the police responded to the reports in some sections of the media that the cops took more than two hours to respond to a crime scene in Berbice.Businessman Latchman “Anil”Pooran,Cheap Jerseys, of 47-48 Maida Farm, Corentyne, Berbice, who was robbed on Sunday by six heavily armed and masked bandits of approximately $4 M in cash and jewelry, is refuting claims that the police took more than two hours to respond to a crime scene.Pooran,Wholesale Jerseys Online, who injured himself when he jumped some 10 feet to the ground from his veranda, before scaling a seven-foot fence to escape from the thieves was subsequently admitted a patient at the Anamayah Memorial Hospital.He was discharged yesterday and immediately moved to dispel rumours that the cops took a long time to respond. He said that the cops resounded in less than half an hour to the crime scene and he praised the work of the police whom he said worked under stressful and strenuous circumstances.Commander of Police B Division,Cheap Jerseys 2018, Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph said that after initial investigations,NFL Jerseys China, his ranks who were patrolling some distance away responded in a timely manner.Around 02:45 hrs on Sunday morning the ranks were in the rough terrains at Topo Back dam more than 12 miles away when they received the call. They responded immediately and were in constant contact with the victims.They were informed to be cautious upon arrival since the men were heavily armed and were shooting indiscriminately.Upon arrival the ranks parked their vehicles and proceeded with caution on foot. They took up strategic positions, but no one was seen. After some time they made contact with the victims. The ranks after gathering information went after the bandits, but were unsuccessful.According to information the first call was made around 02:45hrs. Contact was made with the victims at the scene around 03:09 hrs.The aftermath of the robbery had also drawn a mini protest on Monday in front of the Whim Police Station. This the police attributed to the protesters being misinformed.According to Assistant Commissioner Joseph, a number of initiatives have since been taken to assist the victims. The scene was visited by Commander Joseph and other senior officers. The victims were counseled by a pastor of the Cops and Faith Ministries with follow up sessions planned.Heavily armed bandits around 02:30 hrs on Sunday morning,China NFL Jerseys, broke into the home of Latchman and his family. The armed men harassed the family before escaping with the $4 M in cash and jewelry.Armed with a piece of wood the thieves smashed opened a glass door on the rear veranda. The family upon hearing that exited the house and hid on the front verandah.When the gunmen found the family they took them inside,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, beat and threatened to kill them. Personnel of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility were also in Berbice conducting investigations into the incident.
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