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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:29 pm
by duay7t15f
Staff of the Upper Demerara Hospital (Wismar Hospital) and residents in the surrounding communities who use the facility are adamant that the security system of locked gates after 18:30 hrs is too stringent. They say that it poses a problem for residents seeking medical intervention at nights.Residents have complained bitterly about the locked gates and guards who they claim give them ‘a hard time’.According to some sources, the hospital gates are sometimes locked from as early as18:00hrs.“This hospital is here to serve the residents of this community, but how can this happen,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, if they’re locking the gates, since night fall?”“Another thing is that if a vehicle bring a sick, de guard telling them that the person got to come out the vehicle and walk into the compound.“Then imagine you going into work for 8 o’clock and the gate done lock up– padlock on the gate,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and they telling you is after hours. Hospital ain’t suppose to get after hours; hospital is twenty four hour service,” an irate staff said.Informed sources said that as recent as two nights ago, a man who turned up with his child who was scheduled to receive injections at four-hour intervals, was asked to return the following morning.This attitude, the staff said, is highly insensitive,Wholesale Jerseys, and uncaring on the part of the guard.Stinking MortuaryThere have also been complaints of rotting corpses being stored at the mortuary.“I got to work here from early in the morning and since you burst the door is the stench hitting you. I really fed up with this thing. And is not the first time it happening,” a worker complained.“On top of that they thiefing out the (cleansing material) and selling them out. Even the dead people clothes, boots and phones they selling to unsuspecting people.As regards the pilfering of Hospital supplies and the sale to members of the public Hospital Administrator Trevor Vangenderen said that there have been reports of this activity for some time, and that persons that were involved are no longer employed with the institution.Vangenderen however admitted that he had no knowledge of items being ‘stolen’ from the dead and being sold to unsuspecting persons.The Administrator added that generally,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, management’s position is not to accept decomposing bodies,, because the mortuary is not equipped to deal with such.“But we sometimes try to assist persons, like those living in the riverain communities, or the interior who might not have finances readily available to take their dead to a funeral parlour in Georgetown. These instances are however few and far between.”Stringent SecurityBoth Vangenderen and Chief Internal Security Officer of the Linden Hospital Complex Harold Hutson have admitted that indeed the hospital gates at Wismar are locked at nightfall because of the remoteness of the area, and certain incidents that transpired in the past.Reference was made to the case of the nurse who was raped while on duty a few years ago, hence the subsequent decision by Management and major stake holders to beef up security at the institution.“The guards are placed at the Hospital to protect both the staff and the property itself, and therefore anyone wishing to access services there after nightfall are required to state their name,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, address and the purpose of their visit.“We are not asking them to divulge any personal information on their health or anything, but we do need to know whether they wish for medical intervention,Authentic Jerseys China, or perhaps they’re there to see somebody,” Hutson reported.He added that the delay system (stop and check) is vital to ensure that no one with possible criminal intent is allowed to enter the institution and endanger the lives of staff and patients.