Sale NFL Jerseys ” he emphasised.Ramotar said tha

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Sale NFL Jerseys ” he emphasised.Ramotar said tha

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:43 am

President Donald Ramotar has once again indicated his willingness to go to Linden,cheap jerseys from china, but remains resolute that the blockages to the roads placed by protesters – effectively shutting down the area – must be removed.This assertion was made last evening during an interview with media operatives. Providing an update on the situation in Linden, the Head-of-State said that it is unfortunate that the thoroughfares are still blocked.“I have been asking the security forces to open the way and to ensure that persons could go about their businesses unobstructed, but unfortunately things have not yet come back to normal,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys,” Ramotar said.On July 18, residents of Linden began what was intended to be a five-day protest against intended electricity tariff increases. It now includes a call for justice in relation to the killing of three men, allegedly by ranks of the Guyana Police Force.Days into the protest,Wholesale China Jerseys, and criticisms by many of Government not meeting with Linden residents,NHL Jerseys From China, Ramotar had planned to visit the community on July 28. However, he canceled his visit after residents defied security forces order of removing blockages from the roadways.According to Ramotar,Cheap Air Max 97 Trainers, Government is trying its best to ensure life comes back to normal for Linden residents. He pointed out that amidst all that is happening, it is the people of Linden who are suffering the most.He emphasized that those responsible for the current situation in Linden are doing great harm to the community.“The world we live in today needs a lot of resources and investment in the different areas. Linden has some unique advantages because of its geographical location, but what is taking place today I suspect will do a lot of harm to Linden as a destination for investment,” the Head of State opined. “These actions could inhibit investment,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, job creation, wealth generation and an overall better life for residents.”Neighbouring communities, such as mining districts,Cheap Jerseys, are affected by Linden ‘shutdown’ and the criminal elements that infiltrated the protest. The absence of a proper alternative to enter Mahdia and surrounding communities has renewed calls for the ‘Cassandra Crossing’ Bridge along the Bartica to Mahdia route to be rehabilitated.Ramotar related that Government has a general programme for infrastructure.“We will be looking at all our bridges, and now that we have this kind of situation it really shows that we should be looking at all these things even in a more urgent way,” he emphasised.Ramotar said that, recently, resources were deployed to Sherima Crossing to rehabilitate areas that were dug up by persons to prevent alternative access.
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