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Amidst denials and blame shifting, the top brass of the Guyana Police Force is divided over last Tuesday’s police actions that led to the shooting of several persons during A Partnership for National Unity march in Georgetown.Kaieteur News has learnt that the divisions were evident during last Wednesday’s senior administrative meeting of the Force,Wholesale Jerseys, which was chaired by Commissioner of Police,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Henry Greene.As is becoming the norm, the police administrative meetings are reportedly becoming more acrimonious, with some officers openly making their positions on certain issues very clear.Police Officers issuing instructions on the ground during the breaking up of APNU march last Tuesday.A usually reliable source has revealed that one officer was bold enough to voice his displeasure at the way Tuesday’s situation was handled.His main contention was the treatment meted out to Brigadier General (retired) Edward Collins.Apart from the shooting of several persons with rubber bullets, the officer reportedly referred to what he called, “the manhandling of General Collins”.According to the source, several other officers disagreed with him and openly expressed support for the way things were dealt with, since the police would have been put in a difficult situation had they not stamped their authority.“They accused him of being friendly with Collins,” the source told Kaieteur News.The source pointed out that during the meeting which at times threatened to get explosive, some other officers remained silent and it was difficult to tell which side they were on.On Thursday Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee blamed the Guyana Police Force for what he described as the inexplicable and unacceptable shooting of protestors in the back.Rohee categorically stated that at no time during Tuesday’s police operation were instructions issued by him to use rubber bullets against the protestors.That decision, he said, was solely a decision made by the Unit Commander on the ground at the time and this was confirmed by the Commissioner of Police at yesterday’s meeting.Rohee expressed surprise that a junior police rank had the authority to make such an important decision, and expressed the view that such a decision/determination ought to be made at a higher level.He was advised that according to the Police Force’s Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), this is indeed the case.Rohee was informed that in light of the circumstances on the ground at the time, it was the Unit Commander who took the decision himself without consulting the Divisional Commander or the Commissioner of Police.However, this newspaper was on hand at the scene and clearly observed that the officers on the ground were communicating with their superiors via hand held radio sets.Instructions to arrest persons were clearly heard coming from the hand held sets.Kaieteur News was informed that the police saw video footage of Tuesday’s events as they unfolded and according to the source there appeared to some silent admission by some officers in the Commissioner’s Conference Room that the police action was high handed.“There should have been arrests. The tape showed that there was some contempt on the part of the police towards the leaders of the march,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017,” the source said.Police in their official versions of what transpired said on Tuesday afternoon that a crowd of persons had gathered at the Square of the Revolution purportedly to be part of a march organized by the Youth Coalition For Transformation, an organisation headed by Attorney-at-Law James Bond and is reportedly the youth arm of APNU.This group, the force said,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, had previously applied for permission to use a noisy instrument at the Square of the Revolution on 4th and 5th December, 2011, with timings.The group later informed the police that they wanted to march from Tuesday December 06, 2011. “This was in breach of the statutory 48 hours notice and no permission was granted to the organisation. This was communicated to Mr. James Bond.”According to the police, the persons gathered at the Square of the Revolution were warned that they should disperse as no permission had been granted for any march.“Subsequently a group of persons headed by retired Brigadier Edward Collins was seen formed up on Brickdam facing west and, despite being warned, about 300 persons marched off west along Brickdam. The police then engaged them and they turned south into Winter Place and then west along Hadfield Street and continued despite being warned again, and the police fired rubber bullets at them.”Another section of the crowd turned north into Winter Place and several persons were arrested.A number of persons sustained minor cuts and bruises.“Shortly after, at about 10:55h; another crowd was seen heading east along Duncan Street headed by retired Brigadier Edward Collins and James Bond. The police engaged the crowd and arrested Edward Collins and James Bond. It appeared that they had injuries from an earlier engagement with the police.”All the arrested persons were taken to the Brickdam Police Station from where those persons who were injured were escorted for medical treatment.In the aftermath,wholesale nfl jerseys, the Force issued a warning that no unlawful march, procession or meeting will be tolerated and that it will deal firmly with any person or persons wishing to breach the peace and disobey the laws.The Home Affairs Ministry subsequently said that it has never been the intention of the Administration to prevent any organization, political, religious or NGO from conducting peaceful processions in Guyana.It stressed, however,Soccer Jerseys From China, that such a right must be exercised within the meaning of the laws of Guyana.  “Further, it is important to note that exercise of Rights goes with matching responsibilities. Section 5(1) Cap 16:03 of the Public Order Act of Guyana states: “No person shall hold or take part in any public procession other than a funeral procession unless the permission in writing of the Chief Officer of           Police has been first obtained,” the Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement on the matter.APNU’s Chairman Brigadier General (retired) David Granger has called for a commission of inquiry into the fiasco, while others have openly demanded the resignation of Commissioner Greene and Minister Rohee.And there is the likelihood that the party will object to the Police Office of Professional Responsibility performing such tasks.This newspaper understands that the party may be pushing for Retired Police Commissioner Winston Felix to sit on such a commission.
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