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Wholesale NFL Jerseys managed the city

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:16 am

The process of restructuring, although very crucial to the improved operation of the municipality, has not been advanced in a manner acceptable to City Mayor Hamilton Green.And the mayor has attributed this challenge to the reluctance, at the level of the municipal administration and some aspects of the council,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, to deal with fundamental issues that must be changed within the structure of the municipality.“I hope that the trauma which was experienced by the workers when they could not be paid in December should compel us to avoid this reluctance that is evident all over…”According to Mayor Green, he has been trying to persuade his colleagues that business cannot continue as usual. He added that he can no longer ignore the reluctance, at the level of the administration and among some of the committees, to “bite the bullet” and deal with the reality of the municipality’s financial dilemma.“With the best of intentions in the world, you cannot do much without money and the appropriate manpower and materials. We have been making a consistent effort to collect as much as we can with all of the problems both within and without, but the bottom line is that the municipality has not been allowed to broaden its revenue base, a situation which was recognised since 1994.”He pointed out that he has highlighted on a number of occasions that,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, when the Government-appointed Interim Management Committee (IMC) managed the city, it was suggested that, for the city to be viable, there was need to broaden the revenue base to bring in more revenue.“The price of everything has gone up, and the scope of our responsibility has not been decreased, and we are even under pressure from the unions, one of which seems to have other interests…”Mayor Green had recently revealed that the restructuring process was halted to some extent and was awaiting the Local Government Minister’s intervention. The mayor had disclosed that he had requested that the minister identify a technically competent person to assist the restructuring effort, but he noted, during an interview with this newspaper on Thursday last, that the minister has not yet done so.“I spoke to the minister myself, but because of the human resource problems,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018, I thought he had given an undertaking to have identify someone who would help us to deal with the question of restructuring; but I suppose he may have had some difficulties identifying someone to look at it,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, because he himself has criticised our staffing, so I said let’s bring someone competent on board.”Mayor Green explained that the municipality has even attempted to utilise the skills of councillors in this regard. He noted, however, that councillors should not be involved in technical matters.According to the mayor, “We have to make some changes in the whole structure; we have to look at what services we can deliver within our financial resources, and we will keep pressing the Government to allow us to broaden our revenue base, or even contract our revenue base,” he added.“An example is the Stabroek Car Park, and people seem to forget that we earned money there, and without consultation or notice, a minister,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, with the aid of the police, just takes it away. Complete absurdity! And that is only one example. And here we are talking about democracy,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” the mayor declared.In the meantime, Mayor Green said, he will continue to do what he can to ensure the viability of the municipality, in spite of the constraints and objections.
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