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Postby duay7t15f » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:29 am

Just over two months after donating the first school boat, “David G”, to children residing in the Lower Pomeroon River to assist them to journey to and from school at a lesser cost, President David Granger revisited the Essequibo Coast where he made a similar donation on Friday of another boat,China Jerseys Wholesale, “David G 2”. This time the recipients were the children of the Upper Pomeroon River.Granger told a mammoth crowd that he returned to the Essequibo Coast to donate a second boat which was presented to him by Professor Suresh Narine, of CGX.  He had earlier held discussions  especially with residents of the Pomeroon River who were experiencing financial difficulties to send their children to school on a regular basis.Granger believes that every child should obtain an education and thus urged parents to send their children to school. He said that every child deserves a place in school and so be better able to solve both economic and developmental problems in their country.At the commissioning of the boat on Friday at Pomeroon,Wholesale China Jerseys, Region 2He said Friday’s simple ceremony was intended to celebrate education.Regional Executive Officer, Rupert Hopkinson, during his deliverance said the boat would atomically be used by all of us, further asserting that the boat would be used for the country’s development. Hopkinson urged persons to take responsibility for education.President David Granger was accompanied by Minister of Social Cohesion,Cheap Jerseys, Amna Ali, Professor Suresh Naraine,China Jerseys, Komal Singh, Region Two Education Officer, Bramadai Seepersaud, REO,China NFL Jerseys, Rupert Hopkinson, prominent businessman, Alfro Alphonso and Ms. Doreen Duncan.The simple ceremony was held at “ Dice Lee’,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, in Charity.
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