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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Zaleena and Zalim

Postby duay7t15f » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:35 pm

Readjusting to a life of normalcy continues to be a daily struggle, said Mrs. Sahadin, of Vilvoordeen Village,NFL Jerseys China, Essequibo Coast.Mrs. Sahadin, who is still grieving over the death of her son Mohamed Zaaman, a carpenter, who met his demise, after the car he was traveling in,Wholesale Football Jerseys, was involved in an accident on the Essequibo Road,NFL Jerseys Outlet, last February. He was 36.  Mohamed ZaamanAccording to a police report, a hire car driven by the late Abdool Zainool was proceeding south along the Maria’s Lodge Public Road, when the car collided with a Land Cruiser that was proceeding north. Zainool died instantly while passenger Zaaman died three days later at the Woodlands Hospital.Recalling the events of February 9 last, Mrs. Sahadin, said that on the day of the accident she received a call at around 10:30 hrs informing her to walk with clean clothes for her son. She said she was never made aware that her son had been involved in an accident. Her worst fears, however,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, were confirmed on her arrival at the hospital.She vividly recalled being greeted by a large number of persons who had already gathered at the hospital to view the accident victims.Ms. Sahadin believes that her son could have been alive today if the nurses at both the Suddie and Woodlands Hospitals had shown more professionalism in the care of her son.She said that the main reason for him being transferred to the Woodlands Hospital was the fact that he was not properly attended to on the Essequibo Coast.Mrs. Sahadin said that for seven long hours, her son remained covered in blood and when enquires where made by concerned relatives about his condition,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, they were told by the said nurse that she had no intention of tidying him up.Unfortunately, however,NFL Jerseys Outlet, she said that task was thrust on her two other children, Zaleena and Zalim, who were willing and ready to comply.Still overwhelmed by emotions, Mrs. Sahadin told this newspaper that at no time and even after the accident did the driver or his family ever come forward to sympathize with her family or to offer some form of assistance.She said that although she would have preferred accepting a gratifying offer of sympathy, she is totally angry at the treatment that was rendered to her ailing son, both at public and private hospitals, during his time as a critical patient.She said he had suffered a broken right leg and had complained of severe stomach pains throughout his three days’ hospitalization and the doctors attached to the Woodlands Hospital consistently reassured the family.Zaleena said that although doctors at Woodlands Hospital assured them that the results revealed no severe complication after a scan, her brother continued to complain of pains in the stomach. No attention was given to his pleadings and only the broken leg was attended to. Although convinced that something was not right contrary to the doctors’ continuous reassurances that the severe pains to the stomach were probably due to trauma, shock or gas,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, they decided to keep their concerns to themselves.Mohammed Zaaman died of multiple injuries three days after the accident. His colleague Zainool, died instantly on the Suddie Public Road.The Zaaman family is calling on the Ministry of Health to look into their matter seriously and do something about the situation. The thousands of dollars charged for a total body scan have all gone to waste.Zaleena said that it is a shame that a private hospital was paid to render a service and failed to do so. She said even the eight units of blood that her brother required were paid for, but never used on him. Zalena also said that the Tuesday night before her brother’s death he was consumed in pain and fell from his bed on three occasions. She attributed this to the negligence of the doctors.She recalled that the only treatment given to her brother to alleviate his stomach pains was the administration of morphine every hour. She said another doctor informed her that morphine is usually administered every two hours.Also speaking to this newspaper was Bibi Zoreena, the widow of the late Zaainool. She said after her husband’s sudden death, life is not the same. According to her, she is now forced to seek employment to maintain herself and two young children.
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