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Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:01 am

Some people don’t get current and dem got others who does set up systems that does give dem more power than a city can use. Jagdeo decide that he got to get more power than what three village can use.Dem boys check out and find that Jagdeo alone got three transformer. De waterfalls paper got a big printing press and all it got is one transformer. It does got to use that power fuh drive a big press,Cheap NFL Jerseys, all de air conditioners and every thing that de company got.De other day de boys pass by de new village that Jagdeo create and dem see three transformers alone wid all de wire leading to Jagdeo house. Right away dem boys want to know wha he got in that house. Dem actually beg Li’l Joe fuh conduct a raid pun de building.Dem remember when Jagdeo give Babbie all dem contract fuh de drugs. Babbie build a big warehouse and he get all de drugs that de country buy. And dem want to know how come Jagdeo got three transformer.De police raid might not find anything because Jagdeo gun tell dem that he got nuff things that demand energy. He got a swimming pool that he got to power up.When Jagdeo walk about and he want to cool or wash off he got de pool. He gun go in de house and pull a switch to warm up de pool.But de thing that got dem boys is that Jagdeo might not be thiefing current because dem boys was looking but he was thiefing water. De other day dem find out that is only Luncheon got water meter. Fuh five years all of dem in Pradoville Two using water and dem didn’t have to pay for it.Jagdeo full he pool wid water that people couldn’t get. And then he tell GPL that he can’t swim in de pool when he come home to have dem kinky party suh he got to get a transformer fuh warm up de pool.That is how he get three transformer—one to warm he toilet seat,Wholesale China Jerseys, one fuh de pool and de other just in case he want to warm up he bed.Li’l Joe got to tell Soulja Bai and dem got to raid de place because dem might find drugs that got to supply de hospital.Talk half and check out dem transformer at Jagdeo house.
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