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Cheap NFL Jerseys Youth and Sport

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:04 am

– Intent on seeing continuity, not abrupt changes in sectorWhile acknowledging that it will require an enormous amount of work to take up the reins of the Ministry of Education together with that of Culture, Youth and Sport,Cheap China Jerseys, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine insisted that he is prepared for the task appointed toMinister of Education,Cheap China Jerseys, Dr. Rupert Roopnarainehim. He was sworn-in as Senior Minister of Education on Wednesday.And he confided during an interview with this publication that the portfolio thrust upon him is in fact one that he can work quite well in. He related that while there were other portfolios mentioned that he could have easily delved into, he was all too happy that President David Granger shared the belief that he was best suited for the education sector. “I had no problem with it. I think it is the Ministry in which I feel most comfortable…” said the Minister who went on to qualify his satisfaction by pointing out, “I have been engaged in education for all of my life so I think that the myriad challenges, which are very large,Wholesale China Jerseys, I am capable of meeting.”But according to him,Cheap Jerseys 2018, the success of the Ministry will be dependent on the team with which he has to work.This publication was able to sit with Dr. Roopnaraine on his second working day since being appointed and he disclosed that thus far he has no complaints with the people around him. In fact he revealed that some of them are well known to him as he has worked with them in the past.“Mercifully,NFL Jerseys China, I have very competent people at the Ministry; people with a lot of experience,” said the Education Minister who disclosed that on Friday he was able to meet with the senior staff of the Ministry. “I told them that with all the accumulated wisdom and experience in the room I was quite sure that the enormous challenges faced by the Ministry will be faced head-on,” said the Minister as he expressed optimism about successfully implementing needful policies.According to Dr. Roopnaraine, his vision is that within five years there will be a completely transformed education sector. But according to him, his intent is certainly not to impose abrupt changes but to ensure that there is continuity whereby policies that were implemented by his predecessor, that have worked, will be retained. “We don’t have to change direction but what we need to do is to ensure that every step of the way we are seeing incremental improvements as we go along,” asserted the Education Minister.Currently,NFL Jerseys Authentic, he informed, he is in consultation on the way forward for the Ministry even as he pointed out that part of what is needed to improve the country as a whole is to have active participation of people. “In the case of education policies these have to be made in consultation with teachers,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, in consultation with students, in consultation with parents…we have to get out of this mindset that decision makers are there to work magic. Magic can only be worked if we put our shoulders to the wheel and recognise that we have a collective responsibility and proceed about our business in a harmonious and collective way”.Turning his attention to the Sport, Youth and Culture aspect of his portfolio, the Minister who was, also on Friday, engaged in discussion with a number of persons from this faction of his purview, pointed out that “I am trying to ensure that in the departments we can put young people there…I want as many young people as possible involved in these departments.”He however noted that Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry, will more than likely take the lead in Culture, Youth and Sport.  “I am confident that she is the kind of person who will manage the departments well,” said Dr. Roopnaraine of Minister Henry who was also sworn-in on Wednesday.
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