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Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping the police

Postby duay7t15f » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:26 pm

… N A Taxi driver murderThe relatives of former J&N Taxi Driver in New Amsterdam, Trevor Kissoon, want the law enforcement officials to stop the ‘pussyfooting’ and get to the bottom of the man’s murder once and for all.On June 10, last year, Kissoon’s battered body was found by police in a canal at the corner of Number Seven Bramsfield Road on the Corentyne, and the family is irate at the slothfulness and sloppiness of the investigations.One of Kissoon’s close relatives who requested anonymity, said that the matter has since been in the case files at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary and CID Officer Trevor Reid took the matter over from local Berbice cops.“So far, we’ve observed the sloppy investigation on behalf of the Central Police Station. No proper investigation was being done. It was just like a ‘brush through’ and no suspect was held for even 24 hours. I think the matter was transferred to Georgetown, because of the sloppy behaviour from Central Police (Berbice) investigators. That is why the matter was transferred to Eve Leary,” the relative said.“I reported that we’re very dissatisfied with the way investigators from Central [police station] dealt with the matter,nfl jerseys wholesale, and they didn’t do any proper investigation and proper policing. They overlooked logical clues in the matter, so I reported and requested that the matter be transferred to headquarters,NFL Jerseys Supply, because we, family members are not satisfied.“All in all, it’s possible it could be corruption or police negligence on the part of Central [police station].”According to the relative, within a couple of hours, police investigators from Georgetown were able to retrieve more information than what the Central [police station] investigators had obtained.The person spoke with Commander Stephen Merai and was told that investigations were ongoing. “We’re hoping there can be some closure on this matter. We are looking for justice”.The relative alleged that evidence might have been tampered with. “It is strange that from what I know,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, there are statements that CID took that are missing. A lot of things didn’t go through. So many discrepancies in this matter; it’s unbelievable.“We know for a fact that statements were given by several individuals but some of the statements are missing from Central Police Station,” the person said.According to police in Division ‘B’, Kissoon was dispatched to locate a passenger at the Canje Turn just after 23:00hours on the night of the murder and subsequently was not heard from.They (the police) received a telephone call from a resident in the said area informing them that a body was in the canal. There were severe wounds to the head and one above the right eye which from initial investigations appeared to have resulted from a blow with a blunt object.The 212 Toyota motorcar HB 7489,Cheap NFL Jerseys, that Kissoon was driving was never found.Premchand Rajaram, whose son Sattish Rajaram owns the J&N Taxi Service at Trinity and Main Streets in New Amsterdam, said the business had been in operation for five months and the driver began working shortly after the opening.About 23:00 hours on June 9, 2010, a man called the base requesting a taxi.“The person say they would be at Canje Turn and Trevor left to go. Trevor call the base about two something [June 9] saying he at Number Thirty-six Village coming back up to New Amsterdam. When he called then,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, he said the passenger told him he stopping at Church View because he has two suitcases to pick up and then go back to Skeldon.”According to the older Rajaram, the victim’s reputed wife made contact with the base enquiring of his whereabouts, “His wife came out about two-something this morning and enquired, because she said he was to pick her up from some party.She called his phone and somebody else,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, a male, answer his cell and say he is in a house doing something and the phone went dead. So they call back after then and never got through to him again.”“It was strange to see a female is going to leave New Amsterdam and proceed to the Corentyne in search of her loved one on a different taxi service which he [Trevor] was not working on, when we feel that it would be easy for the Taxi Service to recognise their own car and it would be a free trip to go in search of him on the Corentyne,Cheap Jerseys Online, during the wee hours of the morning,” the relative added.The relative opined that the relationship between Kissoon and his fiancé was an abusive one. “They were always fighting about she leaving to go buy Chinese food at (odd hours). (She would receive) phone calls at any time in the night and she would disappear for two or three days”, the relative said.The man’s relatives told this newspaper that Trevor’s fiancée was in police custody two Mondays ago and was being questioned.This newspaper contacted CID Trevor Reid at Eve Leary, only to be told that he is working on the case but is not authorised to speak to the media. He referred the reporter to Crime Chief Seelall Persaud who also would not speak to the media.
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