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Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:17 am

Today is a big day. Dem opposition politicians seh that dem gun move a motion of no confidence against Rohee.Usually when people want move a motion dem got to drink some laxative like senna or salts or Ex-lax or things like that. Then dem got to mek sure that dem deh near to a toilet to avoid embarrassment.Dem boys seh that is sixty-five of dem in Parliament and is only four toilet suh when dem hold to move a motion is real trouble. That is why dem boys seh that Rohee in real trouble. But Uncle Donald seh that he ain’t got to worry,Cheap NHL Jerseys Online, that he ain’t got to leave he seat in de House.If indeed de opposition plan to move a motion then something got to give. In truth,Jerseys NFL Cheap, such a motion can’t move anybody but de people who moving it. Dem boys waiting to see how de opposition gun be running round like chicken without head when dem pass de motion.But de opposition got a case. When de Waterfalls paper talk bout de $90 million wha de police get fuh de elections de same Rohee jump in. Then he meet wid a community policing group and talk how he gun kick ass in de police force.He didn’t stop deh. He open he mouth and talk bout how de buck does stop at he when it come to de police.That mean that he in control. How he can seh that he ain’t responsible when de police shoot people? It mean that he passing de buck.Old people does seh that rain don’t fall at one man door.  De same Rohee did seh that Granger should tek blame when dem people did get shoot fuh de ballot box. Granger didn’t been deh but Rohee claim how he responsible.Dem boys seh that he really convenient.Talk half and lef Rohee wid de other half.
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