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Cheap NFL Jerseys China blue jeans

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:16 am

Missing US citizen…Three months after his disappearance, police have intensified investigations into the strange case of United States citizen Kwame Rumel Jobronewet, who vanished without a trace shortly after coming to Guyana, a little less than three months ago.Kwame JobronewetThe new development came last Monday after police arrested two brothers from Friendship, East Coast Demerara, who are believed to have vital information about Jobronewet’s whereabouts.Police confirmed that they have received information which suggests that the 67-year-old man was abducted and killed last June.But investigators will have to first scour the vast Friendship backlands for traces of the missing man, since reports suggest that his remains may be buried there.Kaieteur News understands that detectives searched the backyard of a house belonging to the men’s mother yesterday, but are yet to search the backlands. Some of the missing man’s relatives feel that the Joint Services should join the search.Police say that the brothers,Cheap Jerseys, aged 25 and 31, and known as ‘Psycho’ and ‘Madman’, have had previous brushes with the law.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, this newspaper was told that the siblings have denied having knowledge of the missing man’s whereabouts.Kwame Rumel Jobronewet, also known as Romie Johnston, disappeared under mysterious circumstances on June 12, 2009, shortly after arriving in Guyana to bury his mother, a well-known Buxton resident.On his arrival, Jobronewet first stopped at relatives in Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara. A relative then took him by car to a house in Company Road, Buxton, where his mother had lived.Phyllis Browne,China Jerseys, a cousin of Jobronewet,NFL Jerseys China, had told Kaieteur News that Mr. Jobronewet arrived at the home at around 10:00 hrs. She alleged that she was tending to her dogs at around 15:00 hrs when Jobronewet came downstairs with three small bags.According to the woman, Jobronewet said that he was going to visit his uncle in Goedverwagting, where a family gathering was to have been held.He reportedly then left through the back gate, which led onto Middle Street, Buxton.The man’s other relatives were unaware that he was missing until the following day.At the time, some relatives had believed that Jobronewet was suffering from memory loss.This appeared to be supported by reports that he was seen in Beterverwagting, and also on a bus heading to Timehri.Relatives were also told that a man fitting his description was seen at a funeral service at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Brickdam.However, a Buxton shopkeeper stated that a man who fitted Mr. Jobronewet’s description had visited his shop on Company Road,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Buxton, on the night of June 12.The shopkeeper alleged that the elderly man had tried to buy a drink with US coins, but left after the shopkeeper refused to take the coins.Police had detained the shopkeeper and Jobronewet’s cousin,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, Phyllis Browne. However, they were released the following day.Jobronewet’s relatives told Kaieteur News they had received a call from someone who claimed to have knowledge of his whereabouts. The caller reportedly claimed that Jobronewet had contracted malaria and demanded $1.6M from the relatives. However the relatives said that the caller never contacted them again.Acting on information, police had scoured a remote section of Buxton for possible signs of a shallow grave but found none.Relatives have said that they will reward anyone who can assist them in finding him.Kwame Jobronewet was reportedly last seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, a pair of black shoes and a white Kangol cap. He was also carrying three bags, including a red one marked ‘California.’Persons with information on Mr. Johnston’s whereabouts can contact his relatives 222-2688,Cheap Jerseys Online, or contact the nearest police station.
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