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Wholesale Jerseys USA who represented Benschop

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:12 am

– controversial activist in police custodyMark Benschop, right,cheap nfl jerseys, stands in front of his door to prevent NFMU head Valmicky Singh, from entering his house. Controversial social activist Mark Benschop was again arrested by police yesterday afternoon shortly before officials from the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) reportedly removed a piece of electronic equipment from his South Ruimveldt home.The NFMU claimed that the equipment was being used to transit radio programmes on the national frequency.According to the NFMU,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Benschop has been illegally squatting on the airwaves via the 99.9 frequency.The police are accusing Benschop of obstruction, disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest, but many who were at the scene outside of Benschop’s house on Caneview Avenue are convinced that the police acted in a high-handed manner.At around 4pm jeep loads of heavily armed police ranks headed by senior superintendent David Ramnarine had swooped down in the area to accompany two officials of the NFMU who wanted to search Benschop’s house.Benschop was not at home at the time and the officials upon seeing members of the media appeared to back off.However the police remained and kept the house under surveillance. Benschop stands at his gate in defiance of the policeAt that time there appeared to be some amount of confusion as the police seemed unsure of their role.While the two NFMU officials stood a short distance from the house, Senior Superintendent Ramnarine was overheard having an animated conversation with someone on the telephone. He subsequently left the scene while other armed police personnel remained.Efforts by the media to solicit comments from the two NFMU officials were met with silence.Later in the afternoon, attorney at law Nigel Hughes, who represented Benschop, arrived on the scene.When Hughes enquired from one of the officials the purpose of his presence in front of Benschop’s home, the official denied that he was acting on behalf of the NFMU, although it was observed that he was carrying several pieces of electrical tools in his hand.Hughes then sought a response from the police as to their role in the area and they too could not give a proper reason.The attorney queried from the police if Benschop was wanted for anything and they replied in the negative.Hughes also asked the police if they wanted to search Benschop’s premises and one of them said no.“Do you have a warrant to search his premises?” Hughes asked the police who again replied in the negative.A few minutes later, Benschop arrived, followed minutes later by the director of the National Frequency Management Unit, Valmicky Singh and Senior Superintendent Ramnarine, who were in two separate vehicles.By this time a large crowd of Benschop supporters had gathered.The NFMU boss gave Hughes a copy of a document purported to be a warrant to search Benschop’s property.However, after perusing the document,Cheap Jerseys 2018, the attorney informed Singh that the document had no legal basis.According to Hughes,China NFL Jerseys, the document did not properly specify the location of the property nor did it address Mark Benschop.But Singh insisted that he would proceed with the search, claiming that he was not required to convince anyone about the location of the property.At this point Benschop interjected and enquired of Singh if he was actually proceeding with an illegality.He then proceeded to his gate and prevented Singh from entering his yard.The NFMU official then turned to the police for some assistance and after a brief standoff during which Singh made several telephone calls, the NFMU officials entered the premises,Cheap NFL Jerseys, despite the protestations of Benschop.This prompted the police to arrest Benschop and place him into the back of a pick-up truck.By now the crowd was becoming more vociferous.Using a crowbar, in the presence of attorney at law Hughes, the official proceeded to break down a door and entered Benschop’s house. By this time a blackout had engulfed the area.After a search of the bottom flat was conducted in the dark,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, Hughes left the search team claiming that he would not take part in any further search in the blackout.Kaieteur News understands that Singh and his team accompanied by some police ranks searched the upper flat.Minutes later, Singh emerged with an electronic device in his hands,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, claiming that it was an electronic telegraphy equipment which is used to transmit radio waves.Angry residents continued their protest urging the police to take up defensive positions to protect the NFMU officials.Eventually the officials left and the police were forced to deploy guards to protect Benschop’s property which was left opened.Attorney at law Nigel Hughes maintains that the search was illegal and he intends to take legal steps today.Meanwhile, Benschop remained in custody at the Grove/Diamond police station up to late last night.Benschop has been operating an online radio station for several months and only recently began transmitting on the 99.9 frequency.He claimed that he was among the first ten applicants for radio licence this year.
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