NBA Jerseys China ” the Minister explained.

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NBA Jerseys China ” the Minister explained.

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:10 am

The fact that she was not registered by any of the relevant councils to administer medical techniques, indicate that self-proclaimed healer Ms. Lurline Smith, popularly known as ‘Sister Lynn’ was breaking the law.This assertion was made by Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who revealed to this publication that “I have been told that she was giving injections and treating people for medical conditions and I have checked with the Medical Council, I have checked with the Dental Council and I have checked with the Nursing Council to see if there is a ‘Sister Lynn’ including the right name (Lurline Smith) to see if she is registered and there is no such person…so therefore if she was doing things like giving people injections she was breaking the law.”At the moment there are two laws that are designed to govern such situations – the Health Facilities Licensing Act and the Allied Health Professionals Act – according to Minister Ramsammy.  He recalled that the introduction of the former Act saw a number of persons declaring him “a communist dictator” which resulted in him opting to compromise.“I had decided that it would only be applied to the hospitals and laboratories and not the private offices. But I think the experiences over the last couple of years now convince everyone that there was a good purpose for this law,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, because had we included private offices a lot of things would not have happened.It seems the private doctors were afraid that I would go check how many patients they have and things like that, but that was never the intent.  It was implemented to make sure that if there is a clinic we can come in and check to make sure that there is a legitimate licence provided.”And had the law applied to private offices, the Minister assured that operations such as the ‘Sister Lynn’s Clinic’ and similar facilities could not have been in existence without a licence.As part of the licensing requirement for such facilities is a registered doctor, a pre-requisite which would have more than likely brought an early halt to such operations. The Minister noted, too, that while the law in its current form targets specific operations,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, the law includes a clause which states that “at anytime the Minister could add other facilities for this purpose. I think examples like this one now demonstrate the real intent of that law, and I hope that people would support me.”According to the Minister, “I believe that the time has come for us to look at any clinic or anybody who says that they provide health services in a clinic…their operation needs to be licenced…”He pointed out that had he not been lenient in the inception, health officials would have been able to more closely scrutinise private “so-called” medical offices, even as he alluded to reports that ‘Sister Lynn’s Clinic’ for instance was engaged in the dispensing of injections.  He reiterated that in Guyana it is only licenced physicians, nurses,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, dentists, medex and community health workers,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, to some extent,Jerseys NFL Cheap, that are allowed to administer injections.  He asserted that the only exception (as it relates to injections) would be when a doctor prescribes insulin for a diabetic patient and the patient or a designated support member of the family is trained by the doctor to do self administration of insulin.“This has nothing to do now with a woman being dead and the reason she (Sister Lynn) was breaking the law. She was in essence running a clinic that was an illegal operation under the laws of Guyana…”While the Allied Health Professional Act, the most recently passed Health legislation, will undoubtedly apply to the recent development,Wholesale Jerseys, the Health Facilities Licensing Act will have to suffice for now.  According to the Minister, although measures are now being put in place to put a Council for this Act to be fully operable, this may not be possible for now.“I don’t see that that Council will be in place before the beginning of next year because we have to go through consultation, which we are doing now with the Allied Health people and that would require everybody else outside of the dentists, doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are presently licenced to also be licenced, such as medical technologists and people who provide herbal medicines,” the Minister explained.
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