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– escape with cash and goldBy Latoya GilesJust two days after Auto Dealer, Bedi Ramjewan, was slain at Industry East Coast Demerara, armed bandits robbed and shot another East Coast Demerara businessman, early yesterday morning.Ramdat Balkarran, 45, of Lot 433 Good Hope East Coast Demerara was shot in the chest while his wife Shireen Balkarran 40, was slashed above her right elbow, when bandits invaded their home yesterday morning.The family owns a large grocery shop which adjoins the home. Kaieteur News understands that the two bandits entered the home by removing several louver panes from a window in the lower flat of the building, and then cut through the grill that was barring the window.They then forced the grill out of the bolts that held it to the window. This had to be a noisy business but no one heard—not the neighbours not the people in the house.Mrs Balkarran, who recounted the ordeal, recalled hearing her son,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, David,NFL Jerseys Supply, banging on her bedroom door shortly after 02:00hrs yesterday.“I hear me son knocking on the door because I always sleep with my door locked and he would have his door open…They used him (her son) to get to us.”The woman explained that she got up and opened the door only to be confronted by the gunmen.Balkarran said that she quickly closed the door, but the bandits kicked it open. “After I open and see them I scream and locked back de door…but they kicked it open,” the woman said.The two bandits, who she described as men in their early twenties, started demanding that the family hand over their valuables. They then dragged the couple out of the bedroom and put them to lie facedown on the living room floor.“After they put us to lay down they started kicking my husband to his head, mouth and face…then they fired a shot towards the kitchen,” Balkarran explained.Shireen Balkarran points to the ransacked living roomThe window through which the bandits gained entryAt this point the woman said her husband sensing his family was in grave danger,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, agreed to comply with their request.She said he got up with one of the bandits and went into the bedroom and started handing over the family’s jewellery and whatever cash the family had in the home.The other bandit stayed outside with the wife and son, attempting to tie the woman’s hands behind her back.She started resisting and was chopped to the hand,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, with what appeared to be a large knife.The woman recounted that it was while she and her son were outside that they heard a single gunshot.She said that the bandit quickly exited her bedroom and alerted the other one that they got what they had come for.“After they shoot my husband de one run out de bedroom and said ‘Come let’s go; we get the things and he (her husband) get shoot,” the woman said.The woman said that she immediately rushed into the bedroom and saw her husband lying on the bed.With the assistance of her son, she took the injured man to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Upon his arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital he was immediately rushed into surgery.Sources at the hospital yesterday disclosed that doctors removed the bullet and that the surgery has been deemed a success.Balkarran is at present a patient in the GPHC’s Male Medical Ward. His condition is listed as stable.One neighbour Azad Ramcharran, told Kaieteur that his mother recalled hearing the dogs barking around 02:00hrs.The man said that his mother did not turn on the lights because she was fearful. The man said that if they had heard the family’scries they would have definitely confronted the bandits. Ramcharran said he only became aware of the incident around 05:00hrs, when the victims were returning from the hospital.The man said that there were enough men in the area to oppose the two bandits. He opined that the bandits might have jumped over the back fence,Wholesale China Jerseys, because no one saw them.The couple’s eldest daughter, Basmattie Balkarran, who lives at Annandale, East Coast Demerara, received the news around 05:00 hrs.In an invited comment Divisional Commander,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Assistant Commissioner Gavin Primo, said that his ranks continue to be committed to fighting crime in his division.The commander said that there is always a heavy police presence on the East Coast of Demerara.He explained that one has to “look at the various factors,” of how these robberies happen. Assistant Commissioner Primo said that the Force cannot have one policeman for each citizen; but they still manage to keep the crime situation under control.He revealed that his division has three sub-groups and all have anti-crime units.Commander Primo also urged the public and the community policing groups to be more vigilant.Primo promised that his ranks will continue to press hard against crime, but he would look forward for the public to play its part.Investigations into the matter are still continuing, and no arrests have been made up to press time.
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