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Postby duay7t15f » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:44 pm

….demand immediate refundBy Abena Rockcliffe The EZJet saga continues with the company making conflicting releases over the weekend while its officers have continued to blame everyone except themselves for their current problems.Commentators have pointed out the obvious problems of the airline which were ignored by the local authorities and even defended by the Government of Guyana.While the company is clearly at fault for mismanagement and possible fraudulent operations, the Government is also culpable for not ensuring that the distress signals were heeded.Meanwhile irate customers continue to be severely affected by the company’s collapse.Police were once again summoned to the EZjet office on Brickdam as angry customers yesterday converged at the location demanding immediate refunds.A woman produced her ticket that she purchased on Friday claiming that she wasn’t aware that the airline was “closed down” and was still sold a ticket to Trinidad.Immediately the already incensed passengers accused the airline of perpetrating fraud. Some of them immediately went to Eve Leary to seek criminal charges against the airline for fraud.On Thursday, the United States Department of Transportation suspended the operating licence for EZjet. This effectively barred the airline from landing or operating out of a United States territory.The Guyana Government did the same the following day, Friday. Works Minister said that the action by his government was intended to prevent the sale of tickets.Having had its operating licences suspended by the United States Department of Transportation and the Guyana Government, EZjet is unable to fulfill its obligation to its customers who have already booked their tickets.In that regard, passengers have, since last week Friday, been calling for the return of their monies,nfl jerseys china, but were told to return on Monday for refunds.However, up to yesterday no refund has been forthcoming. Instead, angered customers were told that no money could be refunded until November 30.Some claimed that EZjet told them that the government had seized its funds.Even more confusing was the fact that although customers were told to return for their monies on the abovementioned date, the document given to some stated that reimbursement will not start before December 3.Passengers who remain stranded said that they were previously told that Caribbean Airline would have transported them to their respective destinations.A customer, who only identified herself as Shenella, said that she went to Caribbean Airline and representatives there told her that the airline has “no dealings” with EZjet, but that victims of the situation can get tickets at a fair price. “What is fair for us who already paid our money?”“One time EZjet tell us that Caribbean Airline would have carried us back for free and they will repay,Wholesale China Jerseys, then they told us that it was a mistake and that Caribbean Airline will now take us at the same price we paid them. But where are we finding the money from?” asked one passenger.Yesterday, Caribbean Airline announced a US$225 ticket for people who would leave today.A passenger,NFL Jerseys China, Wayne Vieira,Cheap Jerseys Supply, said that he was supposed to have left the shores of Guyana since Friday. “They call me and say my flight was cancelled till Sunday (last); Sunday come and gone and I still here.”The businessman said that when he returned to the EZjet office on Monday, he was told that government had seized the airline’s financial assets; hence a refund was not possible.Vieira said that he spoke to the then acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rosalinda Rasul,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, who had informed him of a meeting slated between the airline and Guyana Civil Aviation authority in connection with “getting us out the country.”Vieira recounted that Rasul gave him all assurance that he would have been able to return to his business in the US.The man said that he was of the misguided opinion that “she has things under control, but no, now they telling us we have to purchase a new ticket from one of the other airlines and we will be refunded in due time.”“I am aware of the system; by November they will declare bankruptcy and everybody money gone down the drain. I want my money and I want to leave this place.”The businessman explained that he is staying at an apartment and using a rented car. He said that he knows reimbursement is out of the question “but I ain’t even want that; all I want is for them to give me back my money so that I could return to the States. I pleading with these people; I have my business in the states and it is closed down because of them.”Vieira explained that even before he left the USA he was encountering problems with the airline.“It is all fraud and all they doing is calling the police when we come for our money. We are not being violent. If they feel they want to put we out, that is a job for internal security,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, not the police.”Another passenger, Debra Benn, said that she bought five tickets to go to Trinidad and Tobago and she is not willing to wait “until whenever they decide to refund me; I didn’t had a lay-away plan with them, I had to give them all the money.”An elderly passenger explained that he is a permanent resident of the USA and usually spends six months in and out the country.According to the unidentified passenger, he booked his ticket to return to the USA three days before the six months would have ended. “Now I stranded with no money to purchase a new ticket. If I had de money I would have gone and left them fraudsters fuh time catch up with them, but I don’t have it, so they have to find a way.”Reports are that Swift Air, owner of the aircraft leased to the charter company,Authentic Adidas Hockey Jerseys China, has withdrawn its service from EZjet because of a massive debt.The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder, Sonny Ramdeo, has been at the centre of a financial scandal which reportedly raised a number of questions about the airline’s operation.Swift Air filed a complaint against EZjet with the US Department of Transport.By way of a statement, EZjet announced that Ramdeo was once more at the head of the operations. He had “stepped aside” in the wake of the civil action brought by Promise Healthcare to recover US$5.4 M that Ramdeo allegedly siphoned off and paid into an EZjet account.
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