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“Similarly, poor and inadequate repairs and maintenance have rendered many living quarters uninhabitable. Workers are forced to live in quarters that are rotting; do not shelter them properly from the elements of nature, and are without proper lighting, potable water and sanitation disposal.”One week before Government is set to present the 2012 budget, the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is calling on the Parliamentary opposition and the government to do something about the appalling conditions under which public servants are living in the hinterlands.According to the union,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, many Government buildings in the areas do not meet the minimum standards under the Occupational Health and Safety Act; many are in dire need of rehabilitation; others need to be remodeled or reconstructed.“Similarly, poor and inadequate repairs and maintenance have rendered many living quarters uninhabitable. Workers are forced to live in quarters that are rotting; do not shelter them properly from the elements,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and are without proper lighting, potable water and sanitation disposal.“Some workers have to travel long distances from their place of lodging or abode to work,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, often using unsafe means and modes of transportation and, in cases, where the fare exceeds the given allowance, without being adequately compensated.”GPSU also said that it remains unhappy over several blatant acts of victimisation that have been perpetrated on public servants.“….in particular, the tactic of transferring them to interior, hinterland and remote areas as a form of punishment, rather than as a means of broadening their work experience, so as to prepare them for service in higher capacities. The union has noted a number of instances,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, where this has occurred, and is publicly registering its abhorrence to the utilisation of an otherwise legitimate form of placement and experience, in the form of a weapon of ill means.”The stressful circumstances under which public servants are made to function are represented by the level of indifference, insensitivity and disrespect shown them by their employer, the government, even though these workers are the most critical and valuable resource, GPSU said in the statement.“It is therefore a disservice to the public servant, who, having not been given the requisite tools and appropriate recognition,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, is targeted for blame whenever a system malfunctions or something goes wrong.”GPSU said that workers are paid wages and salaries at similar rates to their counterparts in the city, but face astronomical prices of goods and services of the cost involved in transporting goods and services to such areas from the city, among other things.“Very often,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, their salaries are received late, that is long after the stipulated pay date and they are left to fend for themselves and family, like persons in a canoe without an oar.”In cases of new appointments, workers are sometimes made to wait for periods ranging from three to six months before they are paid, ostensibly exhausting savings and/or depending heavily on the generosity of family, friends and members of the community in which they serve for survival.“As if the lowly wages and salaries were not bad enough, the benefits and allowances, which are an integral part of the worker’s income and his/her ability to function effectively in the workplace, is abysmal. To put this into proper perspective, the last major increase in these entitlements was done over 17 years ago, when the Cheddi Jagan administration was in power.”Examples of the increases were: Lodging ($1,000 per night); Station Allowance ($2,800 – $2,000 per night); Travelling Allowance – Motor Car ($11,730 – $7,820 per month; $39.10 – $19.09 per mile); Travelling Allowance – Auto Cycle and Bicycle ($1,China Jerseys Cheap,900 – $540 per month; $6.17 – $0.55 per mile).“Seventeen years later, these allowances remain the same even though inflation would have systematically eroded their value, rendering them inadequate and inconsequential. Effectively, workers are subsidising the government as they are forced to use their own money and/or seek creative ways to continue to execute their jobs under difficult circumstances and conditions.”The opportunity must be taken of the new political dispensation and the upcoming national budget to seek appropriate rectification measures to alleviate, if not all, some of the inherent ills that constantly stalk public servants, especially those who live under undesirable conditions in the hinterland and other remote areas, the union said.“The union is therefore calling on the Government and the members of Parliament to cooperate and redress the ills faced by beleaguered Public Servants, who are without a doubt the “cog” in the operations of government.”
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