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– “This runaway train must be halted in its track before it is too late”By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell“Politicians must place the public interest and the integrity of the State above all other interests. They must make personal sacrifices for the broader good.  If they cannot uphold such standards,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, they must do the honourable thing and make way for those who are willing, able,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and indeed have the passion and courage, to do so. Mr. Harmon has let me down personally and I don’t know if I would be able to recover from all of this.”Anti-corruption advocates whose voices echoed during the reign of People’s Progressive/Civic’s (PPP/C) are once again proving their impartiality in continuing the struggle to attain a better Guyana that is no longer characterized by corruption.The most current issue bothering those individuals is the scandal surrounding the apparent controversial link between logging company BaiShanLin and Minister of State Joseph Harmon.Former Auditor General and Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran is the most recent one to speak against the alleged actions of a man who once sang the same anti-corruption tune he is singing. Yesterday, Goolsarran said that he is highly disappointed in the actions of Harmon.Kaieteur News published reports that Harmon halted a seizure operation that was being carried out on BaiShanLin. The operation was being executed by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in collaboration with officials from the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU).The vehicles were being seized due to the fact that the Chinese company failed to pay the required duties within the legally stipulated timeframe.But before officials from the GRA Customs Department and the SOCU could carry out the seizures, they received a call from Harmon who instructed that the vehicles must not be removed, that the ranks should leave the company alone, and to walk away from the premises.Several attempts have been made by this newspaper to contact Harmon on the matter,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but all proved futile. The article was first published on Thursday and four days have elapsed and the Minister has not even issued a statement in an effort to clear the air.Chartered Accountant, Anand GoolsarranMinister of State, Joseph HarmonBaiShanLin’s Managing Director, Chu HongboGoolsarran said that it is sad to see the switch Harmon made from the man he portrayed himself to be while in opposition only to find himself in such a scandal.“I recall Transparency Institute’s first march to mark the World Anti-Corruption Day at which Mr. Harmon joined us. I just don’t know what is passing through his mind but whatever it is, Mr. Harmon’s actions are completely and totally unacceptable,” said Goolsarran.He pointed to the pomposity that reared its ugly head in Harmon when the public criticized the 50 percent increase granted to Cabinet Members. Harmon’s response on that occasion was that he had no apologies to offer for the increase that seemed premature. According to Goolsarran this was the same Harmon who preached the need for governments to be answerable to the public.REPERCUSSIONSGoolsarran said that the repercussions to be derived from Harmon’s actions are vast.He said that most glaring is the fact Harmon’s actions will reduce the strength of the Guyana Revenue Authority.He said,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, “GRA is a statutory body governed by a Board of Directors. The subject Minister is Mr. Jordan. Mr. Harmon has no right to interfere with the functioning of GRA. Similarly, he has no right to interfere with the work of SOCU, which comes under the Commissioner of Police. The Minister of Public Security is the subject Minister.”CAN GUYANA BE ALLOWED TO RECOVER?Goolsarran said that Harmon’s actions represent political interference which should no longer be allowed to rear its ugly in the Guyanese society.The Auditor noted, “We have not yet recovered from party paramountcy of the 1970s and 1980s and the subtle version of it that was practiced from 1999 to May 2015.”Goolsarran said, “This runaway train must be halted in its track before it is too late.”“Mr. Harmon is behaving just like the former HPS,Cheap NFL jerseys China, (Head of the Presidential Secretariat,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Dr. Roger Luncheon) if not worse,” said Goolsarran.Goolsarran recalled, “Harmon, when in Opposition, spoke out against certain practices. Now in position of power and authority, he is practicing the same things he was opposed to. Politicians must place the public interest and the integrity of the State above all other interests. They must make personal sacrifices for the broader good.”He added, “If they cannot uphold such standards, they must do the honourable thing and make way for those who are willing, able, and indeed have the passion and courage to do so. Mr. Harmon has let me down personally, and I don’t know if I would be able to recover from all of this.”Harmon was noted in the media on several occasions lambasting BaiShanLin for its reckless operations in Guyana as well as the former regime for its encouragement of the company’s actions.In fact, the Minister of State in 2014 had said that the former government has been silent about BaiShanLin’s “immoral and abusive acts” and “there can only be one logical conclusion for that—they are benefitting financially in exchange for allowing the rape to continue.“Citizens need to understand the corrupt beast that it (former Govt.) is dealing with.”He had said, too, “It is only a win-win deal for the parties involved and BaiShanLin’s kickbacks seem to have silenced the (former) government.”It was Harmon who said that he found it sickening that former President Bharrat Jagdeo invited BaiShanLin to this country under the pretext that it was going to foster good developments, and all along the true intention was to rape this country of its resources.Harmon had said, “It seems that the (former) Government is being paid to shut its mouth…These companies are just being encouraged to gut this country, and indicators show that Guyana is slipping further into the abyss of poverty.”Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan,Cheap Jerseys China, was contacted by this newspaper on Friday last on the halted seizure of the BaiShanLin assets. He admitted that he is aware of the matter. Jordan however declined to give a detailed comment on the matter, except to say, “I am going to investigate the veracity of this allegation.” Government officials have been silent on the issue. On Sunday Kaieteur News reported Chartered Accountant and Attorney-at-law Christopher Ram calling for a full investigation into the matter. He too expressed his total disappointment.
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