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Clad in a khaki pants and black and white shirt, Tactical Service Unit (TSU) Drill Sergeant,China Jerseys, Dexter Clementson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who is implicated in a sex scandal made his way into the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court escorted by one of his colleagues.He appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry in her chambers to answer a charge of rape.Clementson, who was first placed to sit on a bench in the courtroom, appeared to be embarrassed and kept burying his face in the palm of his hands.After the Magistrate came off her bench for a few minutes,Wholesale Jerseys China, he was taken into the magistrates’ chamber accompanied by his lawyer,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Patrice Henry, and a few policemen.Minutes later the sergeant was brought out of the chambers.He then sat in the courtroom with his head bowed for the entire period.This caused curiosity amongst reporters that were awaiting word on the status of the case.Clementson was ushered back into the chambers with his lawyer.Minutes later as he emerged from the courtroom,jerseys cheap nfl, reporters were told by a sergeant of police that the media would only be allowed to take pictures out of the building.The drill sergeant then took out a diaper from his pants pocket and covered his head, apparently in disgrace.Two young women and a police escort followed the sergeant to the police accommodation located aback of the court building.According to source close to the investigation, Magistrate Beharry set bail in the sum of $300,000 on the condition that he surrenders his passport to the court. The matter was made returnable for April 06.This newspaper was told that the 20 year-old police recruit whom Clementson raped had since been released from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.According to reports the young recruit had been under pressure from the sergeant about an inappropriate relationship.However since the recruit decided not to give in to his superior’s request he was subjected to victimisation on the job.Sources close to the investigation said that the recruit decided to confide in two senior officers asking for advice and assistance. One of the officers is said to be an Inspector and the other an Assistant Superintendent.Some time late Thursday afternoon the recruit was told that a ‘sting operation’ would be set up to net the sergeant.This publication was told that the recruit and the sergeant were in an enclosed place together and once the sergeant was naked then the ranks would walk in.Base on reports,NFL Jerseys Cheap, contrary to what the recruit was told,Cheap Jerseys USA, the officers did not keep up their end of the plan.This newspaper was told that the young recruit was left with the sergeant until the act was committed then they walked in.“Imagine these officers hear this boy screaming and ain’t even go in…dis man hold down the li’l boy is till de man done and walking out then they hold onto he.”But there was another side to the story. A source close to the victim said that the recruit was on guard duty when the sergeant approached him and proceeded to assault him.The sergeant was immediately placed under close arrest while the recruit was taken for medical examination.“These officers coulda help this boy but they set he up because like they want mek a li’l money.”(Tiffany Bowen)
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