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Nike NFL Jerseys China port infrastructure

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With the theme for Guyana’s premiere annual trade fair and exposition – GuyExpo – being “50 years, Guyana means business – Promoting Enterprise ,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, Driving Productivity”, it is time to demonstrate in actions more than in words, that Guyana truly means business.This was according to the President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI),NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Mr. Vishnu Doerga, who was at the time addressing the gathering as GuyExpo 2016 got underway on Friday last.President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Vishnu Doerga.Present at the event were President of Guyana, David Granger; Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo; Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin,Cheap Jerseys From China, along with other members of Parliament; members of the diplomatic core; business operatives; and other participants.Doerga hailed the event as an auspicious one – more than any other, since it highlights the available business opportunities in Guyana.Doerga said that he wished to provide a Private Sector perspective on the opportunities and the issues that need to be considered.He added that over the past few years, Guyana has been experiencing “simultaneous” drops in prices of many of the major traditional exports. These drops, he said, have exposed the private sector’s overreliance on trading in commodities in the raw or minimally processed form.“Whilst the resulting economic slowdown is unfortunate, it serves as a timely reminder to keep our efficiency levels at an acceptable level, and to focus on adding more value to our major exports.“Our fertile soil which has supported our agriculture sector needs to be supplemented by a vibrant agro-processing sector in order to realise our role as a food basket for the 15 million plus Caribbean Community (CARICOM) residents and further beyond” Doerga stated.Further, the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME)’s integration mechanism needs to function as intended he said, to allow the promised access to CARICOM markets – access which he sated, is devoid of “unnecessary” barriers.The branching out into non-resource depleting commercial activities, becomes even more urgent“At the same time, the need for diversifying into non-resource depleting commercial activities becomes even more urgent. Knowledge and service-based industries such as information technology; telecommunications; tourism; business process outsourcing; and the creative industries,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, holds the potential to drastically reduce our unemployment levels.”These activities, he said, needs to be supported by the “much needed legislation and subsequent enforcement”. It is in this regard,Cheap Jerseys Store, the business community looks forward to the “liberalisation” of the Telecommunications Industry and the establishment of modern intellectual property legislation, Doerga asserted.He stated that the call for entrepreneurship to become a catalyst for job growth is very timely but will require that the subject of entrepreneurship becoming as important as the sciences in Guyana’s educational system.This, he said, will ensure that students, who leave the school system, are fully aware and educated about the process of turning ideas into reality.“For current and aspiring entrepreneurs, the value of education more than the thirst for financing, needs to be impressed. Nearly every other profession on par with the possible earning power of successful entrepreneurs such as the medical, legal and management professions requires years of training much unlike the limited training that entrepreneurs currently seek – let alone access,” Doerga said.He said that it should therefore not be surprising to know that there is a strong correlation between the limited entrepreneurial training received, and the very high failure rate of start-ups in the first five years.He asserted that entrepreneurs who seek knowledge continuously – formally or informally, are more likely to succeed.Business community urged to pursue value-added initiativesGuyExpo’s theme he said is appropriate and requires that each stakeholder plays their respective part. Therefore, he urged the business community to focus on opportunities which add value to their products and services; to meet local and international standards; and to pursue promising markets with the intent of truly becoming Guyana’s engines of growth.“We expect from our citizens (and) consumers, both local and visiting, to demand high standards of products and services from our businesses while supporting locally manufactured products whenever possible.”Doerga stated that while he is a strong believer of the free market economy, he also strongly believe that Guyana has many of the ingredients necessary to deliver world-class products which can stand their ground and be an easier option for local and international consumers.Government’s actions laudable; more is still expectedDoerga took the opportunity to congratulate the APNU+AFC coalition on its first year in office. The holding of Local Government Elections (LGEs), the more recently access to 4G internet services, the release of timely budgets are some of the new government’s achievements that are acknowledged by the GCCI he said.“But as an effect of globalisation, as an effect of education, and as an effect of increased sophistication, we will always expect more. As citizens, we expect the government to accelerate performing its facilitative role; providing the road, air,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, shipping, port infrastructure, a sense of security,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, macro-economic stability, the required supporting legislation and regulations, and to also tailor tax regimes which stimulate not stifle private sector growth. We look forward to governance with both ethics and compassion thereby creating a level and fair playing field”As private sector representatives, Doerga said, people they expect from themselves the strengthening of their organisations in order to become more credible and equal partners in Guyana’s development and through collaborative efforts, expand their support to every region of Guyana.
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