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Postby 2vo05nk95j » Sat May 20, 2017 8:22 am

Interest? The ad goes on to claim: "Sink never disclosed her conflict of interest." However, there’s no evidence that Sink had a conflict of interest. In fact, the central point of the newspaper story on which this ad is based is that Sink’s efforts to avoid a conflict ― putting her Bank of America stock in a blind trust ― had created uncertainty on that point because of Florida’s weak ethics regulations. The Scott campaign claims that Sink held stock and other assets in Bank of America at the time of transaction and,www.onlineairjordan.com, therefore, needed to disclose that she would personally benefit from any dealings with Bank of America. However,online air jordan, it would have been impossible for either Scott or Sink to know whether she would benefit, because Sinks assets are placed in a blind trust. Sink signed her blind trust agreement on Dec. 28,cheap retro jordans, 2006, after she was elected,amassdenver.com, to avoid future conflicts. Her financial disclosure statement indicated that Sink held stock in Bank of America in June 2006, but the nature of a blind trust would have prohibited her from knowing if she still held that stock when voting on matters involving Bank of America. "There are no provisions in the Florida state code of ethics which regulate conflict of interests with regards to blind trusts," Dan Carlton of the Florida Commission on Ethics told us. Therefore,wholesale cheap jordans, Sink was not legally required to report this potential conflict. Public officials do have to reveal potential conflicts in their yearly financial disclosures

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