Cheap Authentic Jerseys who was brandishing a gun

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Cheap Authentic Jerseys who was brandishing a gun

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:54 pm

Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell yesterday said that investigators surrounding the Robeson Benn Jr. assault investigation are ensuring that they carry out a meticulous probe.Stressing that the police are still taking the allegations seriously,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, Brumell told Kaieteur News that he has instructed his ranks to do a thorough investigation and ensure that there are no “loopholes”.Brumell assured that once the probe is completed a report will be dispatched to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice on how to proceed.The alleged assailant was released from police custody last week. Benn Jr has been accused of violently assaulting his 27 year old ex- girlfriend at her apartment in the wee hours of June 23, 2013. The young man according to reports has claimed that he was invited into the woman’s home and that the intercourse was consensual.Kaieteur News was told that the young man has also given a statement to the police in which he claims that he was invited into the home by the young woman.It is unclear what he has said in regard to the injuries the woman sustained. When Kaieteur News had visited the woman her face was swollen,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, her eyes were bloodshot and she was crying out for pain in her head.The police have received a detailed statement from the woman who alleged she was violently beaten and raped by the young man. The woman had given her statement to the police in the presence of attorney Nigel Hughes. She was also examined by a doctor who has since forwarded his report to the police.The alleged victim said that Benn, who was brandishing a gun,Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys, repeatedly punched her in the face and stomach after forcing his way into her home at around 04:00 hrs on June 23 last. The man, according to the woman, sexually assaulted her. But in his statement to the police, Robeson Benn Jr denied that any gun was involved.The woman said that she was in bed when she heard a knock on the door. She said that she was expecting a relative who was spending time with her, so she opened the door, only to be confronted by her ex-boyfriend. The woman said she immediately tried to shut the door but the younger Benn forced his way in.She said that after she kept insisting that he leave,Cheap Jerseys China, Benn became annoyed and began punching her to her face and about the body,Cheap Jerseys Free, leaving her entire face swollen and her upper body badly bruised. Things escalated and he allegedly sexually assaulted her. The woman estimated that her ordeal lasted about 20 minutes before her ex-boyfriend left.Afterwards the injured woman said that she contacted close friends who took her to the Alberttown Police Station. However, officers there told her that she should make a report at the Brickdam Police Station.She alleged that when she attempted to file her complaint with an officer,Cheap Jerseys From China, the rank, whom she identified, left to go into a room and never came outside. “We were waiting there for about an hour and a half and no one came to me so I left”.
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