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cheap jerseys 3jenw1qx

Postby duay7t15f » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:09 am

When Uncle Donald get up and talk bout how Guyana going places he only talking wha her hear from Bharrat. He don’t know that fuh go anywhere people got to spend money,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China. He now find out that Guyana ain’t going nowhere because de money that de country should pay going in people pocket and dem people ain’t going nowhere.De country got a football team but nuff of de players living overseas,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online. De football federation decide fuh recruit dem people,NFL Jerseys From China. Dr Frank mek dem lef dem wuk in de States fuh come and play football fuh Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China. All over de world professional footballers does get pay but Dr,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys. Frank and Uncle Donald believe that people does do thing fuh love.Dem boys seh that Sparrow was de man who sing that you can’t make love on hungry belly and that you can’t love without money. Uncle Donald and Dr. Frank refuse to pay de overseas footballers. Imagine bringing dem men and asking dem to play fuh US$12 a day. That is less than dem boys does wuk for in one hour in de States.De result is that dem overseas boys refuse to play and Guyana get beat up. De country that do so good in de World Cup eliminations can’t even mek de Caribbean team quarterfinals. Dem ain’t even pass de first round.Dem got people in de government who wouldn’t even bother to thief that because is an insult. Dem does thief in de thousands and sometimes in de millions.That is why when six of dem went to Leguan fuh meet wid de people de whole of Leguan chase dem out. Dem boys seh that all of dem claim more than US$12 fuh just go to Leguan and sit down,Cheap NFL Jerseys China.When people ain’t ain’t got priority and when dem only think bout demself de country does suffer,Wholesale China Jerseys. Everybody now laughing Guyana.Talk half and try wid de national image
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