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Cheap NFL Jerseys China HFH

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The Edward B Beharry Group of Companies (EBGC) yesterday extended their Beharry Build partnership with Habitat for Humanity Guyana, by way of a six-month Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).From left Beharry Brand Manager Vishal Hemchand, Director Beharry Group of Companies Anjuli Beharry-Strand, Director Habitat for Humanity Rawle Small and Habitat Guyana Resource Development Officer Eileena Luke-KingThis MoU would allow low-income families the continued benefit of owning their own homes. The agreement was signed by EBGC Director Anjuli Beharry-Strand and National Director of Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Rawle Small in the Beharry boardroom, yesterday.In an effort to mobilise support from the general public, this initiative, which was launched in July 2013, has been guided by the conviction that “A dollar can make a difference”. What it does, is enable a system whereby for every Chico, Champion and Indi branded product sold, Habitat Guyana would receive GUY$1.From 2013 to now,China Cheap Jerseys, the company was able to raise 13 million dollars to support the provision of affordable housing for extremely vulnerable Guyanese families. The homes, which come free of financial burden for the owners, were said to be 25×25 dimensions, two bedroom homes,Model of Beharry Build homes.equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities.Clive Richmond of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, along with Donna Monsammy, Tomeicka Miller-Patterson and Sharon Castello all of Le Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara are the four beneficiaries who are now able to turn the keys of their own homes.Small related, “These homes were built for families that cannot find any other way, no sou sou,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, mortgage or box hand or anything else”.He added that one may question how 13 million dollars was able to build four homes. His answer was, “a lot happens behind the scenes. We had generous suppliers, a team of construction workers who understood the situation,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and were willing to work for less than what they could have gotten elsewhere, and volunteers …”In addition to the four homes that were built, the partnership facilitated the construction of two sanitary blocks; one for Ms. Kim Carol of Sophia, and an elderly man,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Samuel Etwaroo of Success, East Coast Demerara.In expressing his gratitude to the EBGC, and how they have helped his organisation, Small stressed the fact that this is an amazing partnership since it involves a Guyanese manufacturing company, helping out Guyanese people.Small pointed out that for now, mainly Regions Three and Four were able to benefit from this project. However,Cheap NFL jerseys China, with the public’s support in purchasing the branded Beharry products, it is expected to extend to other regions.Mrs Beharry-Strand dwelled on the importance of giving a family a home, and the fact that her company is happy that they are able to play a role in making that a reality. “I believe that the wonderful thing about this is that the homes built under this project are completely free”.She went on to explain that her company intends to see this agreement through, and that this six month contractual agreement,Wholesale Jerseys USA, is more than likely to be extended to a much longer period.The only condition to becoming a home owner under this initiative is that the beneficiaries are to be involved in the building and construction process of the homes.The EBGC is intended to promote the sale of the branded products, which goes towards the Beharry Build initiative, by sharing information on social media, billboards and campaigns.In his closing statements the Habitat for Humanity Director stressed the importance of local partnerships; he said “in executing the vision for this initiative,China NFL Jerseys, our goal is to make these kinds of partnerships common in Guyana”. He invited the public and those desirous of contributing to this drive to contact Habitat for Humanity.
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