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Cheap Jerseys Online Clifton Hickenroadways

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:28 am

While there have been outcries from several commuters about the ongoing Police Roadblocks along various‘A’ Division Commander,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Clifton Hickenroadways, for one particular Division Commander, this law enforcement tactic is bearing fruit.‘A’ Division Commander, Clifton Hicken,Cheap Jerseys, revealed yesterday that from Saturday to present, these roadblocks,Wholesale China Jerseys, specifically along the East Bank Public Road, have yielded a “minus 26 percent” in serious crimes.Hicken, quizzed about the effectiveness of the procedure,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, said that most of the firearm seizures are as a result of the roadblocks strategically placed along the roadways.He continued that these roadblocks will intensify in the coming weeks as Guyana gears up for the Jubilee Celebrations.While pointing out that the police must carry out their duties to protect and serve,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, public opinion also matters. The Commander stated that there have been a few comments in the media regarding roadblocks being set up during peak hours and proving to be inconvenient to commuters.Because of this; they have been adjusting their operations based on these feedbacks.“We have seen reports in the media about roadblocks during peak hours and it makes sense,Jerseys NFL Cheap, so we are not going to keep roadblocks during peak hours anymore to cause inconvenience, because we recognise that these inconveniences can jeopardise the relationship between the police and the public,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China,” Hicken said.The Commander said that he welcomes these inputs and is open to suggestions to make the process as smooth as possible since keeping a healthy relationship with the public is a priority.“These roadblocks are working for us, however,” Hicken reiterated.
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