Jerseys NFL Cheap but if dem call de police

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Jerseys NFL Cheap but if dem call de police

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:42 pm

De more people walk is de more dem does see. And de more people see is de more dem want to ask question. De other day a wanted man get shoot in Bagotstown. People claim that he was standing by he gate and some claim that was sitting pun he bridge. Whatever de case,Cheap Jerseys China, he been home.This is a man who was wanted by de police; this was a man who shoot and kill another man,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, so he was a bad man. Dem boys want to know how come this man live in he own house and de police couldn’t find him. This man was so brave that he coulda sit on he bridge outside he house and de police deh passing all de time.People in de village know de man,Jerseys From China, but if dem call de police,China NFL Jerseys, no police didn’t tek dem serious. But another young man who just as bad ride up to de young man and shoot him dead.Dem boys want to know if dem have a charge when people kill a wanted man. If dem ain’t got a charge, then de man who do de shooting in de clear. But that and all got problems because de villagers don’t like de idea of people killing wanted people.And what about all this talk about harbouring a criminal? Nobody ain’t get charge. Dem boys seh that de whole village harbour de wanted man. De strange thing is that de police ain’t put out a statement bout de killing,NFL Jerseys Outlet, which mean that dem know that when people kill a wanted man dem can’t charge de person.But dem boys want to know if people didn’t see when some people decide to burn down de trigger man house. Dem have a saying that when you see you mattie house burning,NFL Jerseys Authentic, throw water. Dem see somebody set a house on fire and dem ain’t throw water. Dem know who burn de house and arson is a crime,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, but dem ain’t telling de police.Ray Charles did sing “Is crying time again.” He know wha he did singing.Talk half and watch de tears fall.
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