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Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Ron Austin

Postby duay7t15f » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:34 am

Kaieteur News recently highlighted another U.S. arrest of “three more Guyanese drug traffickers”. The “traffickers” were indentified as Rondel Hernandez,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, David Norton and Ulric Anderson.This newspaper reported that Rondel Hernandez was the owner of Upper Level Barber Shop and clothing store. However this information was proven to be less than the truth.According to the certificated owners of Upper Level Barber Shop,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Hernandez had no affiliation with the barber shop other than him being a “regular customer”.The three owners, Ron Austin,Cheap Jerseys, Hoel Hutson and Leroy George, in consensus,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes, said that this could have a negative effect on their business.According to them,Supply NFL Jerseys, customers have already begun to call and inquire about their affiliation with Hernandez.The men made it crystal clear that Hernandez was at no time the owner of the barber shop.Hernandez,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, Norton and Anderson were arrested for drug trafficking after being investigated for some time by the United States of America’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).The three were “snitched” upon by a close associate who was previously arrested by the DEA.The DEA was long informed of the accused trafficking before they made an arrest. However, they set a successful “trap” for the three.The men who are in US police custody made their second court appearance yesterday. Bail hearing for the three is set for Monday.
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