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Victims of domestic violence in Wakenaam are now able to find temporary refuge at the second “White Zone” to be set up in the country, this time at the Wakenaam Cottage Hospital Wednesday last.This initiative was implemented by the Minister of Human Services and the first “White Zone” was set up at the Roadside Baptist Skills Training Centre, Number 68 Village, Corentyne,, Berbice last year.At  both facilities,wholesale nfl jerseys, women fleeing from abusive partners will be provided with temporary lodging and meals, among other forms of assistance. It also promises to be child friendly for those persons leaving home with their children; it also has beds, kitchen utensils amongst other relevant item.The strategy was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and the Wakenaam Night Committee that cleared the path for the launching of the historic White Zone on the island.The ‘White Zone’ was launched minutes after scores of men signed the ‘Skeldon Declaration’ in Wakenaam. In it they vowed not to abuse their women verbally, physically and sexually.Administrator of the Women’s Affairs Bureau (WAB),Harrison Barnes Jersey, Ms. Hymawattie Lagan, announced that the hospice will offer 24 hours-a-day service and is not intended for long term shelter.Minister of Human Services, Priya Manickchand, said that many persons mistake domestic violence as the only form of physical abuse. However, it is much more than that. “It could be someone call you a bitch, whore, ugly, useless, stupid, dunce, good for nothing or an antiman….I am being very frank because these are some of the things people don’t recognize as abuse.”Advising young ladies at the event on Domestic Violence, Manickchand said that if anyone makes them feel less than worthy by what they say, and that person is a male companion or a boyfriend that can also be domestic abuse also; and controlling behaviour is another factor of domestic abuse which can escalate to violence.Noting that in a marriage there is need for implicit permission or consent before sexual intercourse,Brock Holt Jersey, Manickchand said that a woman is allowed to say no to intercourse even in a marriage or if the person is in a committed relationship.“If you say no and your partner forces you then that amounts to rape, abuse, and domestic violence.”She said that when a man withholds finance from the woman willfully and she has to even ask for money to buy her underwear that is also a form of abuse.According to Minister Manickchand, the government has a duty to provide an environment where issues of domestic violence can be discussed with a view to it being resolved, the government has a duty to pass the right laws and educate the police force, nurses and doctors. The government also has a duty to put systems in place to implement policies and programmes to deal with domestic violence.“Domestic violence is not only someone beating you; it is much more than that,Cheap Jerseys, it can be someone constantly calling you all sorts of names,Wholesale NBA Jerseys,” Minister Manickchand said.Adding that individuals in their homes must put a stop to abuse, Manickchand said that the government cannot visit anyone’s home and force them to make a decision.“No woman is responsible for being abused…If you know you are being abused you owe it to your children and yourself to get out of that home…Many women could end up being those persons who are placed on the front pages of the newspapers dead.”Underscoring that abusive individuals and sexual predators do not change overnight; Manickchand said these types of persons don’t change because they got caught or simply because they plead guilty. These persons need counseling or different types of intervention throughout their lives in order to change from such behaviour.
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