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Postby Beth's Mum » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:40 am

nmandic wrote:Thanks, appreciate that. I see Taziz going around again with these letters to remove staff from corridors so perhaps it's a good time to check the legality of all this.

I totally support Taziz in removing junk from corridors. Why should one persons rubbish be stored outside your door? If you like it so much keep it in your own space.

If everyone stored their junk outside their doors what would happen in emergencies? It's a clear breach of 'elf and safety.
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Postby Beth's Mum » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:44 am

nmandic wrote:Just got this e-mail .... anyone knows what it is all about?


Are you a part of or know someone who is of a Dubai Property Owners Association?

Reason being, Smith & Ken Community Management has some important updates that are being introduced that they should be aware of for Owners Associations in Dubai.

Please contact our Customer Care Helpdesk on:

Phone: +971 4 4394300
SMS: +971 50 1155690
Fax: +971 4 4394399

Or register on-line

Kind Regards

Smith & Ken

OMG! Do not have anything to do with these jokers!!!!
I have had an issue with their mortgage advisor. I let him stay in my flat for 4 months and he still owes me dhs5000. He won't take my calls. I've done some research on this company. Google the complaints. Stay clear of them. They are a bunch of wide boys.

You've been warned.
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Postby castleplusllc » Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:49 am


This mail is to inform and further build a relation incase you require any pool related assistance, support or to be maintained by a pool professional company please feel free to contact us back. We assure you that we will provide you immediate response, less price and quality services based on pool contracts & your requirements.

Thanks & Regards,

Castle Plus Pool Maintenance LLC
Phone - 042343447/0504745459
Fax - 042343467
P.O Box - 122054
Mail -
Web -
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Postby Nataly5682 » Sat May 10, 2014 2:56 pm

Good Day! Don`t you know contacts of Owner`s Association in JBR buildings? I have one offer to them how to reduce expenses of residents for service charges and if I`ll find them - residents can pay less than they pay now... Can you help me in that? Thanks
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Postby atuni » Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:27 pm

I am a JBR resident since 2008 and live and purchased a sea view property with the dream sold to me as this is sea front community with beach clubs and community centers just on the beach and nothing will be built on the beach to replace these beach clubs (including Dubai Properties Sales Center, currently leased to Meydan) to block the view. Accordingly me among many other investors purchased these properties and paid Millions of Dirhams in this development.

Moreover, Dubai Properties sold us the Master plan with Beach clubs and community centers just in the place of Meydan beach club which was rented to Meydan to operate it from JBR community (Ourselves) and in place of JBR beach Mall and in place of JBR 1 tower between Ritz Carlton Hotel & Meridien Hotel.

Now everything is changing and against the contracts signed, the Laws and regulations that restrict high rise building on the beach front blocking others behind from sun, air, etc..

Technically those plots are the common areas which belong to JBR community and residents and no-one should be allowed to sell them or touch them.
JBR Home Owners Association is the only body that have authority and should be managing these common areas and plots and make decisions about them but unfortunately the Developer did not register yet our Home Owners association at RERA and the Dubai Land Department (Intentionally it seems).
However, RERA laws state that until the Home Owners Association is duly registered the Developer is responsible to act on their behalf and protect their common areas, interests and mange the development.
We all need to come together and insist on registering our Home Owners Association at RERA to protect our rights and make decisions related to our development and sign an official petition to Dubai Properties and Dubai Municipality, Dubai Government, Ruler’s Office and in the media (Gulf News and others) to claim back our plots and execute the JBR original Master plan as approved before and as it should be. NOT selling their beach clubs plots to others to build high rise buildings blocking their views, adding disasters to the traffic in the area that is already congested and does not move and encroaching the common areas & rights of JBR Owners and community.
Dubai Properties as Developer does not have the right to sell any of our common areas including those beach fronts plots meant to be for JBR beach clubs and community centers to anyone and under no circumstances.
Let's first understand our rights as explained above get together as one and then act accordingly …

From another stand point, ecologically, environmentally and eco friendly, it is imperative to protect what is left (very very little) from our JBR beach from encroachment of giant high rise buildings, water villas and structures, etc… so our residents, beachgoers, kids can at least go and enjoy what is left in a peaceful nature.

We also urge the concerned Authorities and stake holders to consider the dire consequences and negative impact of those giant Mega Projects are now taking place on this already developed and established and crowded residential area (JBR). Needless to mention the sleepless nights and disturbance all day from the noise of construction and disturbance.

May God bless our efforts to save our beloved community JBR in Dubai from disappearing and loosing it to greed…[/size][/color]
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