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Wholesale Jerseys Rawle Aaron

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In order to share its vision with stakeholders, Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) yesterday held a seminar dubbed ‘GWI Strategic Vision 2012’ and geared at sharing various aspects of the entity’s operations and future prospects.The GWI strategic vision forum in session yesterdayThe forum, which saw the attendance of members of the private sector, Regional Chairmen, representatives of the donor community, among others was held at the Regency Suites,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Hadfield Street, Georgetown.In his welcoming remarks, GWI Public Relations officer, Rawle Aaron,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, pointed to the importance of such a forum. He said that it was in fact a critical move to help sustain the future of the entity as it demonstrates its commitment to bold and sustained programmes that are engineered to boost the potential of the sector.According to Aaron, in order for its programmes to be successful, GWI must share its vision with all stakeholders that are directly or indirectly linked to the sector.He added that the forum comes as GWI’s indication to both Government and funding agencies of its commitment to the utilisation of funds in a manner that is prolific.“This seminar is exceptional because it is a demonstration to our customers that GWI as a company is sparing no effort to ensure that we deliver a superior product by ensuring sustained programmes that will continue to deliver a better service in keeping with our mandate,” Aaron underscored.Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, pointed out that the intent of the initiative is to create a modern, responsive and proactive organisation driven by change and embodied in good co-operate governance.And this,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he said, should be manifested in high degrees of efficiency,Jerseys NFL Cheap, transparency and customer services.“That is the hallmark of what we are trying to achieve in the medium term by 2012. We are trying to develop an organisation that is qualitatively and quantitatively ready to face the future.”But according to the Minister, in order for GWI to be qualitatively and quantitatively ready there are a number of changes that must occur. Among these he cited changes in culture,Cheap Jerseys China, behaviour and environment which according to him are critical inputs that will ensure the achievement of quantifiable outputs.“The organisation must be proactive, we must not wait, we must drive change, we must implement new technology, and we must find better way of doing the job. And this is a part of being responsive, listening to the needs of the various stakeholders.”Ali, however noted that while GWI is responsible with managing one of the most essential resources, the responsibility must also be shared by the private sector, donor community and every citizen if the sector is to be developed and strengthened.He highlighted that the investment that the water company puts into advertisement and campaigns to get people to pay for the service could be better utilised in capital investment to improve the service.“In the last six months and in the next 10 months we would have spent more than $10B in the water sector. This amounts to more than $13 M per capita for every woman,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, man, boy and girl.”And according to the Minister,China NFL Jerseys, the cost for water provided by GWI is subsided by Government, aided byfunds from the donor community. Citizens must be more responsible in the way they use water, always keeping in mind the importance of conservation, he said.As the entity intensifies its efforts to improve the water sector, Ali highlighted the importance of environment, adding that “we cannot continue to invest in technology that would destroy our environment or contribute to global warming.”The vision of the water entity speaks to ensuring an efficient, sustainable and financially viable water and sewerage sector, delivering a high quality service to customers.
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