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China Jerseys Free Shipping my daughter

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:32 pm

– claims emails accuse him of plot to overthrow governmentWorking People’s Alliance (WPA) Executive Member,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Dr. David Hinds, says that he has become a target of a “well-orchestrated” harassment campaign which includes a mysterious burglary at his home, a warning to his daughter,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, and emails that allege that he is involved in a plot to assassinate President Donald Ramotar and overthrow the government.Dr. David HindsIn a statement issued yesterday, Hinds inferred that the harassment is linked to what he said was an erroneous media report during the recent Linden unrest.The political activist said that after discussions with his family and close friends he had decided to break his silence on the continued harassment.“I left Guyana a week ago to attend a conference in Jamaica amidst reports in sections of the Guyanese media that I had committed the gravest political crime—calling on people of my home village to block traffic and dig up the roads,” the political activist said.“I will not get into the accuracy of the initial report which appeared on But suffice to say I supported fully the people of Linden, Tain and Albion for blocking the traffic and digging up roads when they thought it was the most effective means of registering their disgust with official and unofficial injustice. I expressed similar sentiments to the people of Buxton at a WPA public meeting on Thursday August 16.”Hinds alleged that “immediately, the Acting Commissioner of Police, without verifying the reports,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “challenged me to meet him and his mighty force on the frontline.”Then on Saturday, August 18th, he was allegedly subjected to massive police surveillance while travelling from Georgetown to Buxton and back, and also while in the East Coast Demerara village. He added that this was “followed by an avalanche of condemnations and demonization of me in the PPP-aligned media and some of the private media and by some opposition activists.”“A few days later my house was burglarized in what has been described by one investigator as “not a regular break-in.”  Two computers and a small amount of jewelry were taken. Almost one week later the police have made no headway in their investigations.“The following day officials of the university where I teach called me in Jamaica to report that they were receiving daily emails and phone calls from anonymous callers claiming to be representatives of the Guyana government who claim that I am part of a plot to assassinate the President of Guyana and overthrow the government.  The emails,NFL Jerseys Supply, which take the form of Minister Rohee’s transcript of my public utterances over the last three months, have been traced to one A. Chanderpaul. As I write this statement the calls and emails continue,” Hinds said.“I have no proof that these actions are officially sanctioned. But given the government’s track record,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, I am swayed in that direction until proven wrong. Even before these recent incidents, my daughter, on July 20,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, received an anonymous call telling her that the authorities were aware that she is my daughter and that she should let me know that I am a danger to the government.”Hinds said that as a political activist,Cheap Jerseys Online, he expects harassment from those who have the power to do so.“But to go to the lengths they have gone is beyond harassment and they should not be able to get away with it under the guise of public security. If my crime is calling on people to exercise their right to resistance in the face of state violence, then I am guilty. The PPP has accused the opposition of socializing young African Guyanese to beat and rob Indian Guyanese. I am not going to be part of socializing a generation of African Guyanese to think it’s normal to take blows and not find ways to resist. In the meantime my activism against injustice and for a just society in Guyana where all of its peoples are free from tyranny and are represented by a National Government continues.”Hinds insisted that he will not be quiet.
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