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If for any reason the government is unable to host Local Government elections this year, Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker says that an Interim Management Committee (IMC) representing both the government and the political opposition is an open option.Minister within the Local Government Ministry Norman WhitakerThe Minister was responding to questions on the status of local polls when he related that several factors continue to be considered before the holding of local elections.Minister Whittaker noted that while it is being insisted that an election date lies with the Local Government Ministry, it must be recognized that local elections depend especially on the readiness of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the public.The Minister continued that local government elections would be the ultimate way forward, but to get to that stage, much work has to be done in relation to voter education.“It is not about the Minister of Local Government and Development; it is about GECOM’s readiness. It’s about public readiness and voter education so that the people can understand.”Whittaker said, “We don’t want to go to the polls and 15 percent or 20 percent of the population turns out to vote because the other 80 percent did not understand, did not know what they have to do.” There are several stakeholders; the government and GECOM, to ensure readiness, the Minister continued.Whittaker added that the political parties also have to be ready, since it would be unwanted for the opposition to make claims that they are not ready if local polls are held. When asked about statements from concerned parties; GECOM,NFL Jerseys China, the opposition and the government expressing readiness for local polls,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he said that that could be a claim, but assurance must be given that voters are going to the poll because the country is in the position to host the elections.“We have to ensure that measures are put in place; the electors, the constituency, and voter education.” He reiterated, however, that “if along the road we find any difficulty,wholesale jerseys, then recourse is an IMC.”He said that it was done before temporarily,Cheap Jerseys, and the parties would have had its representation. “An IMC must only be a measure in the event that we don’t have local elections,Wholesale Jerseys Online,” Whittaker stated, before adding that the legislation allows for this avenue.Government has however refused some $2.6B in aid money which was said to be used for development in health, economic growth and democracy and governance.Dr. Roger Luncheon,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, at a press briefing toward the end of 2013,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, noted objections by Cabinet relating to four components of the US project. Luncheon said one contained major activities that captured a relationship between USAID and individual political parties in Guyana.This, he stressed, was a source of concern, given that Guyana does not have a public policy by government for the support for political parties. He said that there is nothing like that in the law or in practice and the Americans through the project “invited a profoundly sensitive issue.”Luncheon said that this was drawn to the attention of USAID which was asked to make the overtures and activities to be a relationship between institutions such as Parliament or the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and not parties.Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity, Brig. David Granger, had stated that the USAID project was going to help significantly with voter education relating to Local Government Elections. He said this election is a complex arrangement involving 71 organs, namely the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and six Municipalities.He had stressed that there is an entire generation of voters who would not be au fait with the system which is mixed – first past the post as well as proportional representation.It was however, believed that the political opposition was receiving financial aid from this project; an allegation that Granger has vehemently denied.Recently resigned Local Government Minister Ganga Persuad had stated last year that local government polls may be possible by mid-2014.
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