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NFL Jerseys Supply Ozario Khan

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:56 pm

– Works Minister The bridges at Surama and Moco Moco on the Lethem trail have been repaired and open to traffic once more. They were damaged on Thursday by overloaded trucks, says Minister of Transport and Hydraulics,Cheap NBA Store, Robeson Benn.Result of the broken bridgeAccording to Minister Benn,Cheap China Jerseys, contractors,cheap nfl jerseys online, Roger King and Cyril King, have been working on bridge structures along the trail. “They have repaired the structures.”He stressed that the frame of the structures were not comprised but the surface of the bridge at Moco Moco was damaged because the driver did not utilize the deck planks. In addition,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, when one observes the scene of the accident at Surama one may concluded that the driver drove at the edge of the bridge instead on the deck planks.Minister Benn asserted that drivers have to be extremely careful and cognizant of the weight restrictions because heavy rainfall washes away the dirt holding the bridges and creating disastrous situations.Sources in the district confirmed that truck drivers traversing the trail do not align their vehicles on deck planks which have been placed there to support the weight of vehicles. In addition,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, the trucks traversing the area are usually overloaded putting pressure on the structures.It was revealed that the owner of the truck that was involved in the fatal accident at Surama usually overloads his truck. This is not the first time that his vehicle was involved in such a mishap.On Thursday, two overloaded trucks, at different locations were involved in bridge accidents. The first incident which was fatal occurred at Surama shortly before sunrise.While the truck driver was crossing, one of the lengthwise planks at the edge of the bridge, the structure apparently caved in because of the weight and the truck slipped off the bridge and into the creek below.The driver, Ozario Khan,Jerseys From China, was pinned under the water and died before assistance could be rendered.Meanwhile,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys, the other accident which was not fatal occurred at the Moco Moco Junction. The truck passed right through the bridge which just gave way under its weight.
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