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Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Dr. Bheri Ramsaran

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A clear agenda has already been defined by the public health sector for this year, with recently appointedMinister of Health, Dr. Bheri RamsaranMinister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, at its helm.The Minister during an interview with this newspaper alluded to Guyana’s collaboration with its neighbour to the south, Brazil. He made reference to the point that the construction of the $1.5B hospital at Linden was certainly not coincidental, but rather was a strategic move on the part of government in light of the anticipated expectations of “the rolling out of the links within the continent through Brazil.”The Lethem road, he said, has already been placed on the front burner, adding that not only will Linden become the hub of transportation but a hub in many other senses,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, with the hospital playing a very pivotal role.Brazil has been described as one of the neighbouring territories that ranks high among selected countries that can provide trade and investment opportunities for companies in Guyana, President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services, Clinton Williams has pointed out.  He is of the firm view that the unprecedented leaps made by Brazil in recent years have interesting lessons for Guyana’s entrepreneurs.And though there has been a reported decline in the trade expectations between the two territories it is envisaged that this trend will be reversed.It is for this reason that the Ministry of Health has been playing its role to foster such expectations. As part of its efforts the Ministry of Health has already dispatched several Cuban-trained Guyanese graduate doctors to reinforce the existing team at the health facility which includes a small team from China.Meanwhile, Minister Ramsaran revealed that on the Coast, efforts have been made to construct several large well appointed health centres like those at Belle West, Tuschen and Zeelugt.“These are institutions that are going hand-in-hand with the development of the new housing estates so wherever there is a new housing estate, the Ministry of Health will attempt to put a health facility…”The Belle West facility, he noted, is well appointed, large and already inducted into service. We have a new housing estate in the Diamond area and we have already constructed a well appointed hospital in the Diamond area. These are some of the things that we will continue to do,Cheap NBA Jerseys China,” the Minister asserted.The Minister indicated to this newspaper that his assuming the helm of the Ministry will ensure that it will not be business as usual at the Ministry of Health. High on his agenda for the Ministry is equity of access, value for dollar of investment, quality services and clientele satisfaction.These factors, he noted, are recognized as crucial factors that will be addressed under his watch in the drive for improved delivery of health care. The Minister revealed that his ministry is already looking at ways to bring more services to far-flung communities,Cheap Jerseys 2018, even as he insisted that the established urban and other developed centres will no longer be the only focus.However, in the event that services are not available in some areas, the Minister revealed that systems are being created to bring much needed services to patients. This, he said, will occur in instances when it is discovered that it is not financially feasible for certain services to be taken to some communities.And this strategic move will be effectively accomplished through the Ministry’s Medical Evacuation Programme which sees some $20M being expended on an annual basis to facilitate the operation of just over 100 flights,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Dr. Ramsaran disclosed.This programme, according to him, has been of great benefit to many Amerindians, in the hinterland communities, suffering from health challenges such as complicated pregnancies,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, acute surgical conditions, snake bites,Discount Football Jerseys, gunshot wounds and other injuries.Equity of Service is also made possible through the Ministry’s Medical Outreach programme, which the Minister said is being constantly bolstered through expanded training programmes where more health professionals such as nurses, doctors and medexes are being added to the health sector.He pointed out that although the requisite level of service may not be available in far-flung communities, the Ministry is able to periodically take the necessary personnel, equipment and supplies to those communities.“We hope to take our visiting teams more frequently and with less and less intervals between them…and in the cases where we cannot take those teams, or the patient is in such a critical condition we are able to do medical evacuation to a center of excellence,” the Minister noted.
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