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Wholesale China Jerseys ialgo2yn

Postby duay7t15f » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:03 pm

In times of war everybody does keep a secret. Dem British had a saying,cheap nfl jerseys china, “Sealed lips save ships.” Dem big ones in Guyana tekking this secret thing too far. If you ask dem whether dem does drink water,Cheap Jerseys, dem gun tell you is a secret.De commissioner of police sick and what he sick with is a secret. But dem boys seh that dem have a bigger secret. Is a US$200 million secret. This is extra money from de Amaila Falls hydro project.One man claim that is a soft cost. He mean that it could be interest payment or extra cost to the project that nobody ain’t really plan for. But dem boys seh that is a hard shaft. One man seh that such a shaft is just good fuh Bharrat and Sam because dem justifying this US$200 million. Dem got to tek it. And is not de US$200 million. Is de shaft dem boys talking bout.Ash-Knee got another secret. Bharrat tell he that he got to find $300 million. De man ain’t talking because is only he know wheh he can find that money.Dem boys seh that he know exactly which of he colleagues bank account he got to check fuh that money. How dem get it?Dem boys seh that de sugar workers don’t care is who money. Bharrat promise dem de money and Ash-Knee got to find it.De goodly Bishop One want some money too. He suing de Short Man and Toe-Knee. De thing is that he complain to everybody but de ERC; he mek de Short Man apologise; then he sue. He want $50million.Dem boys seh that he got to line up behind dem sugar workers and collect de change that lef.Dem boys also want know why he didn’t pull Toe-Knee before de ERC like wha he does do everybody else. Like de ERC good for everybody else except he.Talk half. Lef half.
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