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– Minister BakshThe recently unveiled 2008 Grade Six Assessment has revealed that a significant number of the candidates in the top one per cent were drawn from schools outside of Georgetown.Education Minister Shaik Baksh attributed this development to the ministry’s policy of providing equitable standards of education to schools countrywide.He said that the ministry has been providing the necessary resources to schools, including textbooks, and has been working towards ensuring that more trained and qualified teachers are stationed within the various regions.However, the minister divulged that the ministry will be concentrating very hard on Regions One, Seven,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Eight and Nine, which have not provided any children in the top 181 performers.And, according to him, the ministry is setting a programme on stream to ensure that the standard of education in the hinterland regions is improved.And in order for the efforts of the ministry to yield successes, Minister Baksh said,Cheap Jerseys, there will be the need to strengthen supervision in the school system, and to ensure continuous monitoring and assessment at the grades two and four levels.The minister noted that once remedial interventions are available at the initial assessment level of grade two, where certain weaknesses can be identified, it will help to boost the abilities of students by the time they reach the Grade Six Assessment phase.Minister Baksh disclosed that the ministry has engaged several literacy and numeracy programmes which have been introduced at grades one through three.However, he noted,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, there will be the need for a lot of dedication on the part of teachers in schools,NFL Jerseys Clearance, in addition to continuous supervision and monitoring, in order to ensure that no child is left behind and is able to reach to the final primary assessment level fully prepared.But, according to the minister, regardless of the scores that the grade six candidates secure, each of them will be placed into a secondary level school.A total of 17,630 candidates were assessed and have now become eligible to enter sixth form secondary schools, community high schools, or top primary schools.In order to secure a place at the five top secondary schools, candidates would have had to score a minimum of 528 for Queen’s College, 520 for Bishops, 515 for Saint Stanislaus, 509 for St Roses,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, or 500 for St Joseph’s.But according to the minister, the ministry is rapidly moving towards a situation of universal secondary education, which means that all lower schools, such as community highs, will be converted to discreet secondary schools.This move, he disclosed, is within the ministry’s five-year Education Strategic Plan. In this regard, he said, as many children as possible will be moved from primary tops to the discreet secondary.The minister said that there are a number of primary tops in the hinterland regions, where it is currently not possible to establish secondary schools because of the small number of students.Nonetheless, he noted that the ministry will work towards establishing secondary schools and providing dormitory facilities in those regions over the next five years.Meanwhile, the minister said that the performance of private schools versus secondary schools indicated that there has been a decline in the outstanding performance of the private institutions.He revealed that in 2006 private schools accounted for 35 candidates in the top 100; 38 in 2007, the number has dropped to 29 this year.But,NFL Jerseys Outlet, according to the minister, the overall performance of students who secured 50 per cent and more of the marks of each subject was mostly satisfactory this year. He said that the performance in English last year amounted to 20 per cent, while this year there was a 32.9 per cent pass rate.In Mathematics, there was also a sharp increase of the pass rate — 35.4 per cent compared to 29 per cent in 2007.The Science assessment saw a pass rate of 34.8 per cent, rising from 30 per cent last year.However, the minister lamented the fact that there was a notable drop in the Social Studies assessment this year,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, from 36 to 24.7 per cent this year.The minister assured, though, that the decline in Social Studies pass rate will be addressed by way of an internal enquiry to uncover exactly what went wrong.
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