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Cheap Authentic Jerseys Online all he pickney

Postby duay7t15f » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:39 am

You know dem boys always have a old saying and today own is ‘De evil that men do lives after dem.’ That come from a book. Dem boys have dem own saying,Cheap MLB Jerseys, ‘De evil that men do live within dem.’Gadaffi was a dirty and stinking leader in Libya. De evil that he did still living after he offspring –he wife, all he pickney, he buddy and he sissy. Dem might suffer de same fate wid gunshots all over dem head.Mubarrak was a wicked and nasty leader in Egypt. He get life imprisonment,China NFL Jerseys, Friday, so de evil that he did got to live within him, he offspring, he wife, and all he buddy and sissy dem.Charles Taylor, another wicked and cruel leader in Liberia, get life. He and he family got fuh live wid he evil too. Next we have Bashir al Assad of Syria. He gun suffer de same fate like Gadaffi—shots in he head,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, very soon.Dem boys talk bout all of dem and dem forget fuh peep in dem own CCH. De CC stand fuh caca. Dem boys seh Jagdeo more bad that all of dem other leaders. He mek greedy look like ice cream or cake wha li’l children does fight for. He wuss than dem other leaders. He thief fuh himself and share out to de tune of three quarter of Guyana to he buddies.He ain’t got family but he got he kavakamites—Bobby, Brazzy, Brian,Wholesale China Jerseys, Boyah, –all dem Bees plus Irfaat,Authentic NFL Jerseys From China, Rob Bert,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Shaatie and Mannie. Dem is de richest in Guyana and dem gun remain de richest fuh a very long time.Dem boys wish that Jagdeo suffer de same fate as dem scampish leaders. He kavakamites must suffer just like how he children woulda suffer if he had any or if he can get any. Dem boys praying fuh see that day. Dem want see all of dem in bangle, and not gold bangle or silver although it shine.Dem boys seh that Jagdeo suh rich that dem have none in de region to match he wealth. Dem boys seh suh and dem can prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.Talk half and pray fuh keep de quarter wha lef.
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