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Cheap NFL Jerseys China Dr. Vishalya Sharma

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:16 pm

New Amsterdam Hospital has recorded an infant death for 2015, and the relatives of 21-year-old Daiwantee Roopchand, of Gangaram Settlement, East Canje, are angry at the outcome of a situation which they say could have been prevented had it not been for the carefree and rude attitude of the nurses.In the end, her baby boy, who was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) late Monday night,NFL Jerseys Supply, died. The young mother is depressed at the moment after losing her first child.She was admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital at 10:00 hrs early Saturday with labour pains.The usual tests were performed. After the pains increased,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, she was admitted to the labour room, “They told me I have 4cm.”More tests were done and she was ordered to do breathing exercises. “After that I saw them take their sheets and cover up (go to sleep).” By then it was Saturday evening.Roopchand added that she felt abandoned and was forced to use her cell phone. She telephoned a nurse-friend, whom she knew very well.That nurse, who was off-duty and lived in the town, was reported to have stayed with Roopchand that night,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when she would have delivered the baby.Shortly after 23:30 hrs, Roopchand’s water broke but the nurses did not budge from their slumber. The pains increased and around 03:10 hrs, she screamed for help.Roopchand said that she called for the four nurses at the station. The baby was then delivered. “The nurses ran with the baby and the nurse that I called out of her home had to take out my ‘after- birth’.”“She (the off- duty nurse) went with me all throughout (the ordeal) and they (the other nurses) were sleeping!” she cried.“The nurse, who I called, cleaned me and then I went and lie down.”She further added that the doctor on- call examined the baby and said it was fine and healthy.Roopchand also thought the same while holding her baby for about five minutes. She said the nurses told her,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, “The baby drink some dirty water (whilst it was in the womb).”“Then they told me that the baby gone really bad, so I started to cry—and they telling me about the baby lungs and so.”It was late Monday night that the child’s condition deteriorated and a decision was made to rush it to GPHC. The infant subsequently succumbed.Roopchand said that her baby would have been alive had they delivered it at the time her water broke.“I told the nurse that the baby coming…but she tell me the baby ain’t ready to born and to lie down there; turn from my left and breathe in.”Roopchand’s mother, Urmilla, laid the blame squarely at the feet of the nurses. “My daughter called them and say her water broke and she getting hot pain…but they cut off the light and wrap up sleeping.“They told her if she getting pain,NFL Jerseys From China, to take her bundle and go in the labour room which forced her to call the off- duty nurse friend.”“Is the nurses’ fault that cause my grandchild to die, because at the said time when she called for assistance, there was none.“Somebody else had to come off- duty and assist my daughter—I don’t know what they got them in hospital there doing—just sleeping on the government work!”The girl’s mother was angry after her daughter related what she allegedly witnessed, the nurses sleeping and also excessive use of their cell phones. “You bawl; you tremble—you are on your own! And that can’t be fair—my daughter lost her baby and she and we are the losers, because nobody knows how we feel,” the woman said,NFL Jerseys Cheap, while breaking down in tears.She is asking for a thorough investigation by the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA). “They have to take up the matter and call the Ward Sister…If that nurse did not come from her house, the mother and the baby would have died…Dr. (Vishalya) Sharma has to do something about it, because the cell phone is more important than the patients and they (the nurses) sleeping!”“You can’t just go in and make your child like [a] fowl, dog or pig and lose your child like that!”The family also claimed that the security guard at the hospital treated them with disrespect and spoke to them in a rude manner on Sunday afternoon.Medical Superintendent of the N/A Hospital, Dr. Vishalya Sharma, said that she could not comment on the matter.She invited the relatives to her office today to meet with the hospital management. A post mortem is scheduled to be performed today at the GPHC.
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