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Attorney at law Saphier Husain moved to the courts and was granted an Order Nisi against Ronald Barclay, the Chief Electrical Inspector at the Ministry of Public Works. The order quashed Barclay’s earlier decision to have the electrical power disconnected from the applicant’s premises at the Federation Building on Croal Street.Chief Justice Ian Chang gave the ruling recently.In his affidavit to the court Husain said that he has paid rent from January 1989 right up until December 2013. He said that on May 14, 2013   he received a notice of outstanding licensing fee. Then on July 18,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, 2012 he said that he received a notice to quit from Damone Younge, for which no authority was given.Husain stated that on January 23,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, last,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, a summons was filed with complaint signed by Sita Ramlall- Solicitor General.  Husain is contending that the government could not argue for possession since the property does not belong to it,jerseys nfl wholesale, but to a Bahamian company.  The matter is expected to be called up for report later in the month.Attorney General Anil Nandlall on February 3 said that Government had acquired six possession notices against some of the persons who occupied the First Federation Building.The notice of possession is a document issued to inform a party of the intention to retake possession of certain property, in this case the “First Federation Building”. This type of document is often used by landlords who are evicting tenants.In such a case,NFL Jerseys China, the landlord provides the tenant with a deadline by which to vacate the premises and turn over the keys to the property. Sometimes a notice of possession may also be used when a mortgage lender is foreclosing on a property.Nandlall had told Kaieteur News on that occasion that with the six possession notices being given,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he hoped that the other occupants recognize that the government needs the building to house important judicial offices.According to the Attorney General, he was extremely displeased with some of the occupants who happen to be Attorneys-at-Law. He said that these lawyers ought to recognize the value of having greater space being made available for the justice sector in close proximity to existing facilities.On July 22, the Guyana Power and Light disconnected the power to the building.
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