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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping the then Presiden

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:30 pm

By Sharmain GraingerWhen Andrew ‘Six Head’ Lewis brought home a belt as a world boxing champion – the WBA Welterweight Title – in 2001, the then President,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, Bharrat Jagdeo, declared a holiday in his honour. And as I understand it, there were other perks to that accomplishment secured by the champ back in the day.Alana Seebarran being crowned Miss India Worldwide.No one would deny he deserved that and perhaps more for putting Guyana on the map in ‘boxing style’.Another boxing accomplishment was that of Gwendolyn O’Neil, who is well known as the ‘Stealth Bomber’.  She was in fact the first and arguably the only Guyanese woman ever to win a world boxing title. She was duly recognised and honoured too.However, don’t get me wrong, this article, by no stretch of the imagination, is about Guyana’s boxing standouts.You see, although many others have desperately tried in many areas, there are but few that can boast of being outstanding ambassadors worthy of recognition.  But among the noticeable few there stands one who most of Guyana seems to have forgotten, and I daresay, even disregarded.Permit me to jog your memory by taking you down memory lane for a moment, in hopes of resurrecting the pride that was felt when Guyana secured its first beauty pageant title.But why should I have to jog your memory when this auspicious achievement was only realised just two years ago?   Maybe because many of you think bringing home the Miss India Worldwide Title in 2012 was merely ‘a walk in the park’; ‘child’s play even’.After all, the stunning Alana Seebarran only had to beat out over 30 other beauties from across the globe to claim the coveted crown at the contest held in Suriname.Please,Soccer Jerseys From China, for heaven’s sake, note my sarcasm!Truth be told, the victory Alana brought home on the strength of her beauty and talent was considerably marred by controversy which I’d rather not revive at this point, for fear of again diminishing the fact that all of Guyana still has some honouring to do.The closest Guyana had come to such a feat was way back in 1967 when a no less stunning, Shakira Baksh, now Shakira Caine, captured third space at the Miss World contest in London. That too was an outstanding feat.The stunning young beauty.But actually being a title holder is undeniably an even greater honour; I’m sure you’d agree.I personally don’t know Miss Seebarran and , like T. Pemberton, a letter writer who has advocated for Guyana to consider a stamp in her honour, I have never met or spoken to the young lady.Pemberton in his letter published in the press on January 24 last gave emphasis to the fact that Seebarran represented Guyana with distinction and underscored that “she (has) made it to the history books of Guyana and we must always appreciate. She did absolutely brilliantly and brought an international crowning moment to Guyana.”While it was Pemberton’s letter that spurred my rejuvenated interest in Seebarran’s accomplishment, it also served to highlight how little Guyana appears to appreciate the exciting feat the young beauty accomplished, and in seemingly effortless manner too.Pemberton called for a stamp in her honour, but is that nearly enough?I recalled publications where Seebarran met with President Donald Ramotar after being crowned Miss India Worldwide. I’m sure it was especially nice to have been congratulated by the Head of State; but what about the perks? Sure her winning prize, I was told, was around US$7,000,Jerseys NFL Cheap, but she certainly deserved it.What I do know, a presentation of books on the history of Guyana from the Culture Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, simply doesn’t cut it.  In my opinion a house lot, maybe even in an upscale area, from the Minister of Housing, might have even sufficed.In summing up, an accomplishment that puts Guyana in the international spotlight,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, especially by a youthful ambassador,Jerseys NBA Cheap China, must be greatly recognised. Perhaps this would enable others to fervently strive to do the same, if not more, should they be given the chance.The way I hear it though, Alana Seebarran has not for a single moment been daunted by the limited recognition. She has went on to marry her prince charming in the person of the handsome,Authentic China NFL Jerseys, Charles Ramson, son of Leila and Charles Ramson Sr., and word is that it was quite a fairytale-type affair witnessed mainly by family members.
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