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“No one is above the law”- Gender Equality CommissionRobeson Benn Jr.The son of Works Minister Robeson Benn yesterday surrendered to police, three days after he allegedly sexually and physically assaulted his former girlfriend.Kaieteur News was reliably informed that Robeson Benn Jr., accompanied by his mother, turned himself in at the Brickdam Police Station. He reportedly gave investigators a statement before he was removed to the East Ruimveldt Outpost where he remained in custody up to late last night.The young man’s girlfriend had earlier given police a detailed statement,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, relating how he had assaulted her while brandishing a gun at her home in Kingston early Sunday morning.Police had made several unsuccessful attempts to arrest Benn Jr. on Monday and his relatives had later given the assurance that they would bring him in.The approach by the police has not gone down well with many who felt that they had adopted a light-handed approach in the matter.Yesterday the Women and Gender Equality Commission expressed great concern over the police approach.As an advocating body for gender equality and justice, the Commission charged,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, “Whoever, we don’t care at what level; if they have committed an unlawful act, they must feel the full force of the law.”The body was responding to questions asked about persons in high society being treated differently to the ordinary man,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, even when allegations of abuse and rape had been leveled against them.The issue was raised at a press briefing which dealt specifically with issues concerning domestic violence and gender equality, among other societal scourges. The Commission’s members were addressing the assault matter involving Robeson Benn Jr. when they all echoed, ‘that no one is above the law.’It was stated that the police as the enforcing body should never treat such matters lightly.Renata Chuck-A-Sang, who represents the private sector on the Commission, said that they were taken aback to learn that the victim in the matter was asked to return when she sought to make a report at a police station, since the incident came after recent consultation with the police on matters of domestic violence and justice.Chuck-A-Sang said the matter brings up a deeper issue where, “Guyanese seem reluctant to do their jobs if it involves someone in a position higher than themselves.” She continued that the law must be applied across the board,Wholesale China Jerseys, regardless of anyone’s position in society or that of their family, once the law has been broken.Responding to questions about the police, who waited for Benn’s family turn him in, the Commissioners were adamant that law enforcers need not wait and should be proactive in such matters.   Chuck-A-Sang continued that there are clear guidelines as to the functions of the police. She said a lot of money has been spent on training police officers, and the government has gone through much trouble to provide the governing legislation.Vanda Radzik, representing women, added that, “we cannot have the key enforcement agency under the Domestic Violence Act reneging on what are its clear duties.” She added that when the police do not act accordingly in these matters, they themselves are breaking the law, “it is a breach of the Constitution, it is a breach of the Act and it means the law is being broken.”Nicole Cole, Commissioner and member of the Rights of the Child body,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, said that as it relates to rape and sexual offences, there is supposed to be a standard protocol within all police stations. She said these victims are supposed to be placed on PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), within 72 hours, which prevents HIV infections, and is applicable also in terms of other sexually transmitted diseases.While the police may seem to turn away persons or ask them to return at a later date, it was noted that this is one of the most important steps that must be taken by the police to ensure the safety of rape and sexual violence victims.Coupled with that, the Commissioners highlighted that one of the reasons the police charged that they could not see an excess of 60 percent of cases going to court was mainly for the lack of evidence and victims unwilling to testify against assailants. They however charged, when asked, that the police force needs to act accordingly in this regard. Every police station, they emphasized, is supposed to have a rape kit. The stations must be equipped and be able to deal with the particular matters in relation to their training.The Commissioners suggested that if official resources are not equipped to deal with the specified matters,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, then non-governmental agencies can be authorized to conduct basic or interim services so that access to justice could become a reality.They also said that in these particular matters concerning high profile persons, there should be a police investigative unit or autonomous body – to whom they plan to write stating their concerns and interest. The Commission urged too that members of the public do the same as to get the desired outcome when dealing with issues of rape and domestic violence.
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