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Postby duay7t15f » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:51 am

The Story Within The Story…By Leonard GildarieIt is indeed frightening. Chief of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Glenroy Cumberbatch,Leonard Gildariethis past week made a significant statement about the state of education in the region.It would have passed over the heads of many because education has unfortunately been relegated to back burners when it comes to news. Getting the real story out there has been like pulling a tooth.We have only ourselves to blame.According to Cumberbatch, there is a need to align education and training with the needs of the region. The official was speaking to educators and decision makers at forum held at the Pegasus Hotel.“Every country across the world is educating people…The purpose is to ensure that they develop good citizens who can contribute to the social and economic development of our countries, not to see how many people get grades ones at the CXC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) examinations or to see how many people have degrees…”Cumberbatch said: “We have several people across the region at the secondary level who cannot find employment and worse,Wholesale China Jerseys, who (have) finished their education at the university level and have degrees in medicine, (and) in law and still can’t find employment. There is a mismatch between what we are doing and what is needed,” the registrar said.Indeed, some frightening statements.Many employers who are battling to keep their businesses afloat would tell you the hardships in getting qualified and experienced workers.I have been saying it. Educators have been mumbling quietly about it. Yet, our policy makers seem powerless or unwilling to do anything about it.In a nutshell,Cheap MLB Jerseys, the problem appears to be a simple one– we have subjects in school which date back to like…forever. Students are being taught subjects that has little or no immediate bearings to the workplace.Change is neededTimes have changed. Brazilians (Portuguese) are coming to Guyana more. We have strong links with Suriname (Dutch) and Venezuela (Spanish). As matter of fact, we have thousands of Guyanese living in these neighbouring countries. I will come back to this.Yet, we insist on the basic Spanish and French in schools. We have students coming from high school with ones and twos and are given simple tests like writing about what Guyana has to offer but fail basic things like getting grammar right. Many of our students remain in the dark about our 10 administrative regions.We talk about unemployment but there seems very little figures on what the rate is. These are very important indicators as to the state of the unemployment rate.While a survey has been done a few years ago, it would fail to tell us how bad the situation is as we have students who just came out of high schools but are not going on to the university. There are a few who would migrate or enter their family businesses. These are the fortunate ones.Should we build more technical institutes? Should technical and vocational subjects be introduced in our high schools early? How about making Portuguese and Dutch mandatory subjects because of our neighbours?We have to seriously look into this problem which will only manifest itself as this country expands.We lack marketing persons who have an understanding how the global stock markets work. The few have all been snapped up.Ever so often, we see advertisements for excavator operators and technical personnel. There is a growing skills sector.Our country is moving into oil. We are developing our extractive industry. Our policy makers have to take note and make the necessary proposals to Cabinet. We currently have a number of donor countries working with Guyana to improve it crime fighting capacity and boost the police and the other security agencies.Similarly, we need to ask for help in revamping our education system to meet our demands.Let us not wait for CXC officials to tell us again. The rhetoric has become a pain now. Everybody is saying it but little seems to be done to correct the situation.Our Neighbours’ PredicamentWe cannot boast of being a developing country unless we try. Fresh ideas. Fresh minds maybe?We have been talking about opportunities. There is growing situation with our neighbours that should force the administration to start preparing.We know of Venezuela where a Government under a proud Nicholas Maduro has led his country into a downward spiral with a runaway inflation and basic items along with long lines for basic items now ruling the day.Venezuela’s reliance on its oil and a drop in the world prices combined with poor spending have all contributed to placing that country in its current predicament. We have thousands of Guyanese living there.Brazil is finding it hard. We have a bridge linking Lethem and Brazil over the Takutu River. Bad spending and oil prices too have been blamed for troubles there.Trinidad also has the same problem. We have thousands of Guyanese living there. I am saddened by the tough times facing this country as it has a strong manufacturing sector. I know …because we have many of their products on the shelves of our supermarkets here.This past week, Suriname joined the list of our neighbours whose economy is in deep trouble.According to Yahoo news,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, Suriname is a South American nation in crisis: Businesses are closing, food prices are soaring and hospitals are running out of basic supplies such as paper towels and bandages.The news is grim: the Suriname economy is in freefall amidst collapsing global commodity prices and the local currency’s resulting slide against the U.S. dollar.Life has become exceedingly difficult in this isolated country of about 540,000 people on South America’s northeastern coast, which the World Bank says now has the world’s third highest rate of inflation, behind Venezuela and South Sudan.The International Monetary Fund, which authorized a $478 million loan to Suriname in May,NFL Jerseys 2018, expects the economy to contract two percent this year. Suriname’s Bureau of Statistics says inflation is running at an annualized 64 percent, up from an average four percent in 2013-2015.So how does our neighbours’ predicaments affect us?Well for one,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, we have to pay close attention as we can suffer a similar fate. We have to be careful with our borrowings from banks and over-extension. Not all of us can afford a mortgage. Some of us will have to continue renting.We are looking at oil. I see Minister Raphael Trotman speaking this past week on measures to protect Guyana from a reliance on oil proceeds. This simply means that we will not leave agriculture or mining.Oil should be a plus for us.Brazil has committed to collaborate with us to building the Linden/Lethem road which that neighbour wants to use to reduce its logistical issue with port facilities. They have also promised to build a hydro electric project of around 1000 megawatts and deep water harbour.None of it is likely to happen anytime soon as Brazil is not only facing a cash crunch but there is news that the Chinese are tipped to fund a road project to Suriname from that country. If that is the case, the Linden/Lethem road project may take a little longer to be become a reality.In all the cases of the neighbours listed above,Cheap Jerseys NFL, it so happens we have thousands of Guyanese living there.It is not hard to imagine that quite a few of them will be returning home with their families.Where do we find jobs? Will it be beneficial to our competitive edge if we have skilled Guyanese returning home?The authorities have to be paying attention to both that CXC statement by Cumberbatch and what is happening to our neighbours.Some opportunities exist.
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