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NFL Jerseys Outlet of 233 Success

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:16 am

Three weeks have passed and the police have failed to arrest the driver who escaped immediately after killing 18-year-old Parmanand Deokaran and injuring his friends on the Providence,China Jerseys Cheap, East Bank Demerara (EBD) Public Road.Asif Khan, a father of two, of Bagotstown, EBD, reportedly fled the scene of the accident, leaving two of his passengers in his vehicle, which bears the registration number PRR 555.The passengers had revealed Khan’s identity to the police. Investigators have searched a number of places for the suspect but have come up empty-handed.Runaway driver, Asif KhanThey searched his home, but only his wife and children were there.Police sources said that the wife informed them that she saw her spouse four days prior to the accident when he left to go into the interior. She also noted that although she and the runaway driver are married, they do not spend time together.The accident, which occurred just after 00:30hrs on December 21,NFL Jerseys Cheap, resulted in the death of Deokaran, of 233 Success, East Coast Demerara (ECD).The teen, who sustained head injuries, was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital. His friends,NFL Jerseys China, Davendra Mangal, 20,NFL Jerseys Cheap, of 27 Better Hope, ECD and Kayshane Ramnarine, 17, of 184 Good Hope, ECD, sustained injuries about their bodies.Nicholas Verasar, who was with the trio at the time of the accident, escaped unhurt.According to reports, the four friends had just left the Princess International Hotel’s casino and were waiting on a taxi on the East Bank Demerara Public Road when tragedy struck.Nicholas Verasar told Kaieteur News that he was sitting on a concrete structure in front of the hotel while his friends stood on the road, trying to flag down a taxi.“They were facing south and I was facing north, so I could have seen all the vehicles that were heading up the East Bank. My friends were laughing and talking and I see a car, swaying from side to side on the Public Road, heading south,” Verasar said.Fearing for his friends’ safety, Verasar said he rushed to them, but only managed to grab Mangal.“After I pull him away, I tried to pull Kayshane, but my hand slipped and the car was already close, so I run back,Cheap Jerseys, but it end up hitting all three of them and pitch them in the trench,” the teenager recalled.Meanwhile, Jasmattie Deokaran,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the mother of the dead teen, is pleading with the driver to surrender. She said that he was responsible for the mishap so he should face the consequences.“He killed my son. My son was the backbone of the home. He took care of me and his siblings and now he is dead,” the mother lamented.The search continues for the runaway driver.
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