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Cheap Jerseys USA Craig

Postby duay7t15f » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:32 pm

Police have issued a wanted bulletin for Gopaul Tawari,Cheap Jerseys USA, also called ‘Onkar,’ who is wanted for questioning in relation to obtaining money by false pretence from Bibi Shamin Saroo Zadeef in July, 2011.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect is 43-years-old and his last known address is Lot 73 Second Street, Craig, East Bank Demerara.Gopaul TawariMeanwhile,Authentic Jerseys For Sale, a Craig woman,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, who took the ‘word’ of a stranger, is ruing her losses.She is now $6,000 poorer after an unknown caller sweet-talked her into sending credit to his cell phones. According to Indranie Hussein of lot 62 First Street, Craig, East Bank Demerara, on Monday last, she received a call from an unknown caller who was “well equipped” with information about her family.The unknown caller, whose name she cannot remember told her that her sister, Sheena Khan from the United States of America (USA) had sent a parcel and some currency for her mother, Dottie Missir, who resides opposite her (Hussein).The highly upset woman told Kaieteur News that the caller told her that he is a relative of her brother-in-law,NFL Jerseys For Sale, ‘Joe’ from USA and he will visit her the following day (Tuesday) at 10:00hrs to deliver the parcel.“He was telling me how my sister (Sheena Khan) is a nice person and how she treat him good. He even say how my mommy find the match for Sheena and so.”She said that after he was telling her about her family and about her sons, who are in Trinidad and Tobago, she “really and truly” thought that the ‘unknown caller’ was really a relative to her brother-in-law.“After he start tell me about my family I start asking him about his family and he told me his son is a pilot and his daughter is a doctor. Then he ask me what class my daughter was in and I told him,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, then he ask me if textbooks expensive and I yes.”She said that the man then told her when he visited her he would give her daughter money to purchase the text books and he would even buy a ticket for her daughter to go abroad, if she is willing to study.“He was so convincing,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he even jokingly told me that a white guy came with him from the States. He even told my mother that he will find an old man for her,” the woman claimed.Hussein said that he then asked her if she can put $2,000 credit in his phone and when he visited her he will return the money.“I tell he that I will call my friend and let her put the credit and he say ‘no’ he will call because he will have to collect the number and so, anyway I call my friend and told her that someone will call for $2,000, let her give him.”The woman claimed that the man called her back within minutes and told her that he took $6,000 and he will repay her as soon as he visits her.She explained that the following day, she fried plantains and fish and was waiting on her guest but he never showed up.“I went in bed and I was thinking, then I remember that my sister would normally call whenever she sends anything with anyone but this time she didn’t.”Hussein said she called her sister to confirm whether she sent anything for their mother, with any of her husband’s relative or not.The woman then concluded that she was robbed.  She was even more convinced when she called the man’s cell phone and it was turned off.Kaieteur News understands that the woman is not residing far from the address given for ‘Onkar.’ It was noted that two years back, the said man called her and pretended to be someone else but he then revealed his identity to her and claimed it was a prank.“I just want people to know how you can be in your own house and get robbed.”
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