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Postby duay7t15f » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:13 am

Two persons made an appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday, charged with theMark Sawyertrafficking of cocaine. The duo was charged separately by Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.The charge before Mark Sawyer, 25, stated that on February 25, at Mandela Avenue, he had in his possession 2.566 KG of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.Sawyer, an excavator operator represented by Attorney-at-law Pamela DeSantos, pleaded not guilty to the charge after it was read to him.Another charge was read to Amerina Persaud,Cheap Jerseys NFL, 27, of 82 Second Street,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Montrose,Cheap NHL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara.  Persaud denied that on March 1, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, she had in her possession 2.566KG of cocaine in her possession for the purpose of trafficking.Persaud’s attorney informed the court that his client was given a package by someone and that the cocaine was concealed inside of the suitcase.De Santos, in her bail application, told the court that on the day in question her client was asleep when the police went to his home. She claimed that the officers cut down the grill, kicked down the door and upturned her client’s house. The police first search proved futile,Florida State Seminoles Jerseys, so they conducted another search and they still found nothing.Counsel emphasized that nothing was found on her client’s person or in his premises.Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) Prosecutor, Oswald Massiah,, in relating the facts of the matter to the court, stated that Sawyer made arrangements with Persaud on February 22, for her to take a suitcase and a laptop to the United States of America (USA). He stated that the female has a visa for the USA.Oswald further related that Persaud consented to take the items up to the USA. He said that Sawyer bought Persaud’s ticket and collected her passport; he even gave Persaud $50,000 to do her local shopping.The prosecutor disclosed that the woman bought a pink suitcase and Sawyer took the suitcase away from her and replaced it with a black one.On February 28, Persaud was an outgoing passenger on a Fly Jamaica flight bounded for the USA. During security checks, the black suitcase she was carrying was scanned and it was revealed that a strange object was inside of the suitcase. Persaud was then taken into custody and questioned. During the questioning she mentioned Sawyer’s name. As a result of this, the police went in search of the man. They found him, ransacked his house and found the pink suitcase he took from Persaud. The police did not find the illicit drug at the man’s home. However,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, he was told of the offence and was later arrested and charged.After listening to the prosecutor’s lengthy facts, De Santos told the court that her client denies knowing the woman. The lawyer claimed that Persaud knows her client’s wife and not him.The defendants were both remanded to prison.They will make their next court appearance on March 9, at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.
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