NFL Jerseys Supply to which seven calls were made

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NFL Jerseys Supply to which seven calls were made

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… soldier,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, others recipientsSeveral persons whose telephone numbers appeared on an unofficial list of received calls from the cellular phone of one of the miners killed at Lindo Creek have denied any knowledge of the phone calls.The list was obtained from the website of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy, which claimed that it had spoken to the owner of the mining camp, Leonard Arokium.Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene told this newspaper last night that the force has written to the telephone company requesting the records of Arokium’s missing cellular phone, but has not yet received it.According to the unofficial records,Cheap Jerseys China, at least one of the telephone numbers listed in the records of telephone number 674-3943 belonged to a member of the Guyana Defence Force.The records revealed that several of the numbers dialled from the dead miner’s phone belong to persons in the Linden area, and some of them were dialled as many as four times in one day. At least two land line numbers in the Linden area appeared in the phone records for August. Dredge owner Leonard Arokium disclosed that the phone, which was in his son’s possession at the time of his death in June, was used several times during the month of August.He had expressed concern that investigators were not aggressively pursuing the matter,Cheap NFL Jerseys, although he had informed them about the missing cellular phone.The police responded by claiming that the number of Arokium’s cellular phone was not given to the police at the time he made his allegations. The telephone records revealed that Arokium’s cellular phone made a total of 72 calls during one week in August.Nine calls were made to cell phone number 629-2631 on four different days; seven were made to number 667-3621 during the same period, and another nine calls were made to 678-2911, one of them for as long as 10 minutes. Six calls were made to the land line 442-0583. An eight-minute call was made to telephone number 680-9407 on August 25.All calls to Arokuim’s missing cellular phone were unsuccessful.This newspaper dialed the holder of 681-2911 and a woman answered. She claimed that the cellular phone belongs to a young family, member who hardly knows how to use it.The woman who lives at Linden told this newspaper that she cannot recall receiving a call from Arokium’s phone.“Only family members who know this number would call it,” she claimed.When this newspaper contacted telephone number 667-3621, to which seven calls were made, including a 10 minute call,Wholesale Jerseys China, only a recording was heard, followed by a voicemail request. The cellular phone with the number 680-9407 is owned by a Guyana Defence Force rank who is stationed at the Agriculture Corps at Garden of Eden.He,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, too, could not recall receiving a call from the number listed as Arokium’s phone.“A lady called me earlier today and asked me about the same thing. I promised her to check and I did not see that number in my phone records,” the soldier told Kaieteur News.He explained that he has been working at the Garden of Eden location for about a year.“I don’t lend out my phone. Only my child-mother would have it when I go to play football, and she does not entertain strangers. It is very difficult for me to recall any particular call. I even checked my messages,” the soldier told Kaieteur News.Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, three months after the shocking discovery of the death of the eight miners, their remains are still lying in the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting the results of DNA analysis.Crime Chief Seelall Persaud had told this newspaper that they are still to receive the DNA report from a Jamaican forensic team that had visited Guyana to assist with the investigations at the request of their local counterparts. As it stands now, the remains are all bundled together and there is no way that they can be positively distinguished from each other. Family members of the dead miners are seeking closure to the entire fiasco in the midst of a war of words between dredge owner Leonard Arokium,Cheap NFL Jerseys, his attorneys, and the police.The bodies of the miners were burnt beyond recognition and only DNA analysis could determine which bones belong to which person. A source at the Lyken Funeral Home told this newspaper that all the bones are in one container so it will be difficult to tell them apart. The source could not say if the remains contained the actual eight skulls of the miners.“When they brought them out they were all together. Then they took them to the mortuary and brought them back. Just like that we put them in the fridge. So I cannot say what the parcel contains,” the source said.“We cannot do anything with them until we get word from the police or someone else in authority,” the Lyken source added.It is still not clear when the DNA results will be returned to Guyana so that at least family members could properly bury the remains.
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