Wholesale Stitched Jerseys “How you meet in hay

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Wholesale Stitched Jerseys “How you meet in hay

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:45 am

Dem does mek serious joke at some hospital. De other day a man get a stroke and he son tek he to a hospital in G/T. All he family stand up and see when de hospital people put he pun a bed.Dem lef and go home fuh bring clothes and thing. Dem boys seh that de hospital nearly kill dem people. Minutes after de people lef de hospital people move de man from that bed and put he in a room. Dem put another man pun de bed and that man dead de night.When dem people come back de next morning dem see de bed empty and dem ask,NFL Jerseys Cheap, “When de man deh.” De people pun de bed nearby seh de man dead last night.Was one bawling. Two of dem faint. De noise bring out another relative who ask dem wha dem a cry for. Dem couldn’t even talk. One of dem seh Daady dead.Right away de family tell dem that Daady nah dead, that he in de room. Two more faint again. But when de victim hear that he dead,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, he an all faint.  Was de whole of GPC dem had to bring. Dem,Cheap Football Jerseys, boys seh if you see Limacol.Dem nearly had fuh get Limacol fuh two woman in de States. Dem lef Guyana wid more hair pun dem head than de law allow. Dem pass through Guyana because dem local drug police was watching lower down.But in New York dem dogs does look after lower down suh de drugs people does look at de top. When dem get ketch one of dem look like if she want faint. All she neck back pumping hard,NFL Jerseys From China, hard,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, hard.De Customs people tell dem fuh tek out de weave and dem gyal tell dem how de weave stitch in too tight. Dem had to carry dem to de airport hospital fuh cut out de weave.When dem cut off de weave one of dem same drugs people show she wha been in de weave she had de nerve fuh ask de people,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, “How that meet in hay.”When dem lock dem up de people in de jail ask de same woman,Cheap Jerseys, “How you meet in hay?”Talk half and watch dem hairstyle.
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