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Wholesale Jerseys ca2bmjns

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:13 am

Haiti full of contradictions. Imagine free people living in dem house get trap and some of dem dead. People who been in jail manage to get out and is back to a life of crime again. De house fall down but is only de walls of de jail fall. Dem boys surprise. Dem want to know how de wicked get save and de ordinary perish.“Voodoo,Cheap Jerseys China,” one man seh. Dem boys hear that nuff Guyanese use to go to Suriname and Haiti fuh some Voodoo and some Obeah. Things reach de stag when parents use to go and get thing fuh dem sons who is criminal.One woman get something that when she put it round she son neck,NFL Jerseys China, once he foot touch de ground nobody coulda ketch he.  He dead. He was running from a crime and a policeman shoot he. Dem boys seh that de Voodoo did wuk out. Dem know fuh sure that it wuk out wid de Presidential Palace in Haiti because it collapse.Some people did go to Suriname fuh de Djuka thing and when dem come to Guyana dem believe that dem was all powerful. Nuff of dem dead too. Police and soldiers kill dem.Dem boys want to know why people always believe in things that seem impossible. Is like dem people who thief somebody money and now dem dying.Dem boys want to know how come a man gun thief a lot of money,NFL Jerseys Cheap, and then spend when people know that he don’t normally spend? One thing is sure.   Dem boys seh that de people in de underworld got more investigative capability than de police.Right now de police singing,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, “Many a tear has to fall”. Dem practising fuh an oldies session and of course when anybody get kill all de police doing is humming this oldies tune and dem mekking sure that dem add “but it’s all in de game”.Talk half. Lef half.
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