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Sale NFL Jerseys be it traffic or otherwise

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:01 pm

We have learnt from very reliable sources of a plot to fabricate allegations against persons connected with this newspaper so as to lay the basis for them to be charged.This plot, we understand,Wholesale China Jerseys, has been hatched because of official concerns over the things that this newspaper has been exposing. We have been exposing the rampant corruption,NFL Jerseys Cheap China, the theft of national resources and the transfer of these resources to colleagues,Cheap Jerseys, associates and cohorts.Certain persons in the upper echelons of the society are adamant that we should not be allowed to continue to report these things in the run-up to general and regional elections. As such,Cheap Jerseys USA, there is a plan to silence Kaieteur News by targeting persons connected with this newspaper.One senior official has already threatened members of the Kaieteur News that should anybody ever make a mistake,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, be it traffic or otherwise, that staff member would be faced with the full force of the law and more.We are not taking these reports lightly and we are hereby notifying our readership about what we have learnt. We are also placing the nation on alert about these plans which we consider devious and a direct assault on freedom of the press. They are so serious that they could force the closure of this newspaper and deny the nation a credible source of information about their interests and welfare.We have repeatedly said that we will not bow to pressure.  We will defend the right to publish matters of public interest and for the right of the people of Guyana to receive this information. As a national newspaper this is our pact with the people of Guyana. We shall not be deterred from doing our job and will zealously guard the canons that we uphold.Kaieteur News will stand in defence of those associated with this newspaper; those who are being targeted because of the views expressed herein. We shall stand firm in the face of this continued onslaught against our newspaper,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, but we will be vigilant, given the information that has come to hand.
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